9 Best Vegan Restaurants in Busan to Try (Review + Photos)

If you’re looking for vegan or vegetarian food in Busan, South Korea, here are 9 vegan restaurants and cafes to check out for your next visit.

While Busan isn’t as vegan-friendly as Seoul, there’s lots of good vegan restaurants in Busan plus vegan options at non-vegan spots.

Most of the vegan food in Busan I ate during my two trips in Busan was vegan Korean food and were all really good.

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Fully-Vegan Restaurants in Busan


Address: 9-32 Gwanganhaebyeon-ro 370(sambaek, 민락동 Suyeong-gu, Busan, South Korea

Page: www.instagram.com/vegenarang2

Vegan chicken katsu meal at Vegenarang with rice and salad on the side

Vegenarang is on the 9th floor of a multi-business building and one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Busan.

This vegan restaurant in Busan serves Buddhist temple-style dishes like grilled vegetable salads, tonkatsu with a bean chick’n cutlet, noodles, and rice avocado rolls.

Some meal sets are only available for 2 or more people.

I got the plant based chik’n katsu cutlet for $8 USD and vegan yogurt parfait for $3 USD. They were both really filling and made with fresh ingredients.

You’ll also get views of the sea. I went to Vegenarang before heading to Millak Waterside Park and Gwangalli Beach, which is walkable from Vegenarang.

You’ll have to take a bus or taxi to Vegenarang, as the nearest subway is quite a walk.

Read my full review of Vegenarang vegan restaurant.

📍Dajeon Cafe

Address: 61 Sincheon-daero 62beon-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan, South Korea

Vegan Bulgogi with lettuce wraps and rice with strawberry smoothie and sides - Dajeon Cafe, top vegan restaurants in Busan

Dajeon Cafe is a vegan restaurant in Busan that is located in the Seomyeon district (the “Hongdae of Busan.”) It’s on a building’s fourth floor, accessible through a semi-hidden staircase.

Dajeon serves vegan Korean dishes like bibimbap, bulgogi rice meals, sweet and spicy Korean vegan chick’n, ramen, and dumplings.

I got the milbulgui ssambap or vegan meat you eat in lettuce wraps and rice ($7.80 USD), as well as the strawberry smoothie ($4.70 USD). You also get side dishes. It was really tasty and filling. Healthy, but flavorful.

📍Soban Vegan

Address: 293-10 Dongdaesin 2(i)-dong, Seo-gu, Busan, South Korea

Korean Vegetable Sides in small plates on table - Soban Vegan Restaurant Busan

Soban Vegan might be my favorite vegan restaurant in Busan. It’s run by a sweet ajjuma, a super sweet lady, who also speaks English and asked if I was vegan.

They serve home-cooked Korean vegan meals. Each dish comes with lots of side dishes. This small but popular vegan restaurant in Busan is located in a charming non-touristy area with locals and elderly.

I got the Tofu jjigae (stew) for $9 USD and soy chik’n for $7-8 USD. The second time I got the soup of the day ($6 USD) plus the soy chik’n again.

All dishes were very good and filling. There’s only four tables so try not go during peak hours.

Read my full review Soban Vegan restaurant.

📍Pyeonhan Jipbap – 편한집밥

Address: 907-6 Mandeok-dong, Busan, South Korea

Pyeonhan Jipbap is another home-style vegan restaurant in Busan run by one ajjuma who cooks all of the meals. It is a small space, so expect to wait during busy hours.

There’s rice meals with banchan side dishes, fried chick’n, and lotus leaf wraps.

Vegan Mart – 비건마트

Address: South Korea, Busan, Seo-gu, Gudeok-ro 124beon-gil, 13 3층

Vegan Mart in Busan is an all-vegan grocery store where you can cook and eat the food you purchase, like vegan ramen, frozen meals, and dumplings.

The couple that runs it also gives sides for free and also offers to cook the food for you.

I wish I had more time in Busan to try this!

📍Nayuta Cafe (UPDATE: Closed 😢)

Address: 155-17, Jangjeon 1-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, South Korea

Page: www.facebook.com/cafenayuta

Nayuta is a Korean fusion vegan restaurant in Busan that serves a rotating daily menu made by different chefs. Seats are limited so expect a wait or call a day or two in advance to make a reservation. Meal sets are $8 USD.

📍ARP (아르프)

Address: 35 Taejong-ro 99beon-gil, Bongnae 1(il)-dong, Yeongdo-gu, Busan, South Korea

Page: www.instagram.com/arp_kitchen

ARP is a chic vegan restaurant in Busan with limited seating and a small menu. Dishes include bracken pasta, vegan burger, and chamnamul pasta for around $12 USD each.

I recommend making a reservation in advance.

Vegan Bakeries and Cafes

📍April and May 45

Address: 16 Mangmibeonyeong-ro 70(chilsip), Suyeong-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan, South Korea

Page: www.instagram.com/april_and_may45

April and May 45 is a vegan bakery and cafe that serves cakes, muffins, bread, pastries, and a set of savory meals like sandwiches and soups.

Some of the baked goods are black cheese bread, croissants, cranberry bread, and cream-stuffed rolls. They do offer gluten-free and oil-free items.

Moonggoojeom Vegan Bakery

Address in Korean: 부산 부산진구 서전로37번길 26 B동 1층 156호

Also in the Seomyeon district is Moonggoojeom, a new all-vegan bakery in Busan that is run by a vegan.

They serve cookies, tarts, and cakes with lots of gluten-free options. I’ll definitely have to visit next time I’m in Busan. Everything looks so good!

📍Hanmin’s 한민이의

Address: 176-30 Suyeong-gu, Gwangan-dong, Busan, South Korea

Page: www.instagram.com/hanmin_macro

Hanmin’s is a vegan cafe in Busan that serves macrobiotic baked goods like cookies and cakes. Their savoury dishes include tteokbokki, pizza, and pasta.

They serve lattes, teas, smoothies, and drip coffee. They also host a macrobiotic baking class.

Make sure to check their Instagram for updates. I went when they were closed during open hours.

Vegan Food in Haeundae

Unfortunately, there’s not too many vegan options in Haeundae.

You can however request the usual veganizable options at Korean restaurants like bibimbap, noodles, or vegetable banchan sides with rice.

You can also look for cafes that serve western food and ask to veganize toast, salads, and drinks. Plant milk is common.

Here’s some vegan options in Haeundae that I know of:

📍Korean Soy Silken Tofu 우리콩순두부

This is a traditional Korean restaurant in Busan that can veganize bibimbap, soybean jjigae stew, and tofu stew. They’ve gotten a number of vegan guests, so they’re familiar with veganism if you mention you’re a vegan.


Lotteria Vegan Miracle Burger set with fries and soda

Lotteria is a popular burger chain throughout South Korea. They serve the vegan Miracle burger and for $5 USD you get a whole set with drinks and fries.

I really enjoyed the burger and had it a few times in different cities. There’s a Lotteria about a 15-minute walk from Haeundae Beach.

Indian restaurants

There’s also quite a few Indian restaurants in the Haeundae Beach area where you can get accidentally-vegan Indian meals like chana masala, aloo gobi or vegetable samosas.

More Vegan Options in Busan

Other non-vegan restaurants in Busan that were on my list that indicated had vegan options include:

  • Caffeinated (vegan cake and drinks)
  • Doko – Dosi Nongga Cafe (vegan pastries)
  • Joseon Snack 조선스낵 (steamed buns and traditional Korean snacks)
  • Sulgodang (separate vegan Korean menu)
  • Gimmyeonjang (vegan Kimbap)

Final Thoughts: Is Busan vegan-friendly?

Even though you won’t find the same number of all-vegan restaurants in Busan as in Seoul, there’s still a good amount of vegan food in Busan that are accessible by public transit or taxi.

For vegan restaurants in Busan, do however make sure to check their hours or their Instagram pages for any opening updates.

I can’t wait to come back and try all the vegan food in Busan I didn’t get to!

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