Hey! I’m Roseanne 👋🏻

I write travel destination + vegan guides as I explore the world myself. I started this blog to share things I wish I knew before my trips, and to help others plan better, culture-rich travel experiences.

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About Me

I’m Roseanne, a Filipina/Kapampángan travel blogger and content creator from the Bay Area, California. ☀️

I grew up taking trips to the Philippines, and started my solo travel journey almost a decade ago. 👩🏻 Traveling for me is truly living and exploring life, and a way to live out multiple lives and universes. I love learning languages and can speak Kapampángan, Tagalog, French, & Mandarin Chinese. 📙 I’ve also been eating plant based for 16 years now!

What do you do?

My professional experience is in non-profit, social change & government orgs. Currently working remotely to pursue a digital nomad path!

What ethnicity are you?

I actually get this question a lot, though I enjoy being a chameleon wherever I travel. Both my parents are from the province of Pampanga, Philippines. I am Kapampángan, though 1/4 Bicolano as my grandpa is from Bicol, Philippines. I grew up with Kapampángan culture, and consider myself hella Filipino! I’m a dual citizen and hold Philippine and U.S. passports.

What countries have you been to?

Mostly Asian countries! I’ve been to Philippines more than a 18 times, Singapore over 8 times, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand a few times, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Asia is my 2nd home. <3 I’ve also been to Australia, Italy and the UK.

Favorite non-travel hobbies?

Reading books (fiction and self-development), and CONCERTS! I’ve been going to concerts and music festivals since I was seventeen. I also love planning trips around concerts! I love alt rock music, ppop, kpop! 🙂 My ults are ppop groups Alamat & SB19, and kpop groups Monsta X, Astro, & Cravity.

Do you travel by yourself?

Yes, 90% of my travels are solo travel! I’ve been to multiple countries solo, and have traveled with friends, partners, & relatives — but there’s a special kind of freedom & peace with solo travel. As a woman, I do feel like I have to be extra cautious, but I don’t want that to stop me.

Favorite countries to travel as a vegan?

So far, Singapore! They have a large Buddhist vegetarian community, which means you can find plant-based options everywhere. Plus, Singapore boasts a multi-ethnic community, so you can try foods from different cultures.

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