Best Beaches in Busan: 5 Things to do in Gwangalli Beach at Night

Gwangalli Beach

Name in Korean: 광안리 해수욕장

Address: 219, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu Suyeong-gu, Busan 48303

South Korea Busan is well known for its beaches and scenic water views. It’s a perfect getaway from busy cities like Seoul.

Busan in total has seven public beaches you can visit. The beaches most known for its night views are Gwangalli and Haeundae beaches.

In this post I’ll go over Gwangalli Beach, one of my top places to visit in Busan and one the best beaches in Busan.

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About Gwangalli Beach

People sitting on benches watching young man perform on a guitar with the lit up white Gwangan Bridge and beach behind him

Gwangalli Beach, also called Gwangan Beach, is located in the central-southern part of Busan, across the bridge from Haeundae Beach, another popular beach site and where I booked my hotel near.

The beach is crescent-shaped and stretches for about a mile, or 1.2 km.

Gwangalli Beach During the Day

While Haeundae Beach is more known and better for swimming, during the day you can swim in the shallow end of of the beach or just sit on the sand.

You can also take photos in front of the many art installations. They’ve been adding new ones each year.

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Things to do at Gwangalli Beach at Night

Long stretch of sand on Gwangalli Beach at night with tall lit up buildings in the background

If you’re looking where to go at night in Busan, Gwangalli Beach is especially popular to visit in the evening. Here are 5 things to do at this beach when the sun sets.

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1. Watch the Gwangan Bridge Light Show

Lit up Gwangan Bridge at night in white, red, and blue, with light reflecting on beach

Gwangalli Beach is the perfect spot to watch the Gwangan Bridge light show, which happens every hour after 8pm.

The bridge is lit up with thousands of LED lights in different colors. Before 8pm and after the sun sets, you’ll still be able to see the bridge lit up.

For an memorable experience, book a river cruise, which will stop by Gwangan Bridge

2. Go to a Restaurant or Shop Along the Beach

Lit up restaurants in high-rise buildings at night at Gwangalli Beach

There are around 300 restaurants and shops at Gwangalli Beach. You’ll have plenty to explore.

Looking for plant-based options in Busan? Here’s vegan restaurants in Busan to check out.

3. Watch Musical Performances

A group of musicians, one with a guitar playing a song at Gwangalli Beach at night, with lit up buildings and beach behind them

Each night there are performances by local musicians. There’s plenty of seats, plus with a great backdrop view of the sea and bridges. There was even a magician one night I visit.

4. Take Scenic Photos in Front of Art Installations

Busan locals taking photos of each other on circular lit up swings on the sand at Gwangalli Beach

Even at night, there are plenty of good photo opportunities at Gwangalli Beach. Take photos in front of the lit-up bridge or by the art installations on the beach.

When you get there, you’ll see lots of people taking photos, so don’t worry about being camera-shy!

5. Walk Along the Many Paths

A walking path with sunflowers on it on sand at Gwangalli Beach at night

You can walk down the beach or on the many pathways. Wherever you stroll, you’ll get an amazing view of the ocean, bridge, and lit up nightscape.

Gwangalli Beach vs Haeundae Beach?

A long wooden patio with the Gwangan Bridge and Beach behind them

Both are two of the best beaches in Busan, and I recommend visiting both.

Haeundae Beach is best during the day, especially if you like to swim or dip your toes in the sand. I found sitting on the sand more better at Haeundae Beach.

While Haeundae Beach is very popular and busy at night too, Gwangalli Beach at night is calmer and peaceful, but still busy. The night views are also better at Gwangalli Beach, with an incredible view of the bridges.

Go to both! 🙂

Recommendation: Book a river cruise for day or night views of Gwangalli and Haeundae

Things to do Near Gwangalli Beach

Cement steps where people sit to look at the water and white Gwangan Bridge in Busan

My main recommendation before you head to Gwangalli Beach (or even after) is to visit Millak Waterside Park, a park by the sea where you can sit and look at the waterside views.

Millak Waterside Park is only a few minutes walk to Gwangalli, or Gwangan Beach. Many locals sit by the water to eat or drink.

What Time Does Gwangalli Beach Open and Close?

Gwangalli Beach is open 24 hours! There is also no entrance fee. Most beaches in Busan do not close.

If you’re planning a trip to Busan, South Korea, make sure to add Gwangalli Beach to your list of places to visit in Busan, especially during the night time.

The views of the water and bridge at night are worth it!

How to Get to Gwangalli Beach

A wide sidewalk path leading to the view of the ocean and Gwangan Bridge
By Train

The nearest subway stop is Gwangan Station. Take exit 5, and Gwangalli Beach is about a 10-minute walk away.

By Taxi

You can also take a taxi to Gwangalli Beach. Uber works in Busan if you don’t have the Kakao Taxi app, or don’t want to hail a taxi.

Don’t rely on Uber however, as it’s not always widely-available in Busan.

By Bus

Bus numbers 41, 42, 140, 239, 240, and 139 goes to Gwangalli Beach. Use Google Maps or Kakao Maps to find buses closer to you.

Note that while Google Maps provides bus + walking routes for Busan, it does not give just walking routes.

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