8 Best Vegan Restaurants in Jeju Island (Review + Photos)

If you’re looking for vegan or vegetarian food in Jeju, South Korea, here are 8 vegan restaurants and cafes to check out, along with non-vegan restaurants in Jeju for good vegan options.

I found eating vegan in Jeju is a bit more difficult than in Seoul or Busan, but it’s not hopeless!

📖 Make sure to read my Essential Vegan Food in Korea Travel Guide (updated 2024).

While there are vegan restaurants in Jeju, they’re located sparsely throughout the island, and if you aren’t driving a car, the only way to get there is by traveling Jeju by bus. Plus, if you’re out all day exploring Jeju, you might miss their opening hours.

Still, the vegan and vegetarian food in Jeju are fresh and tasty, including the best vegan donuts I’ve ever eaten!

Make sure to read ’til the end for my section on basic tips for eating vegan in Jeju.

Fully Vegan Restaurants in Jeju Island

📍And 유 (Yu) Café

Address: 518 Hallim-ro, Ongpo-ri, Jeju, South Korea

Page: www.instagram.com/andyucafe

Vegan burger and Jeju mandarin Juice on table from And Yu Cafe, top vegan restaurants in Jeju Island

And Yu is a cozy cafe located in the northwest of Jeju, accessible by bus. They serve comfort dishes like “veef” burgers, sandwiches, beer-battered vegan shrimp, bulgogi burgers, and a display case of cakes, scones, and tarts.

I had their veef burger and bulgogi burger, as well as the chocolate tiramisu cake. Everything was so good!

This might be my favorite vegan restaurant in Jeju.

While you’re there, try their Jeju mandarin juice (Jeju is famous for their mandarins).

📍Loving Hut Jeju

Address: 7036 Iljudong-ro, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

Page: www.instagram.com/lovinghutjeju

Loving Hut is located in the south of Jeju Island, east of Seogwipo City. Loving Hut is part of a global vegan restaurant chain.

Loving Hut Jeju serves stews, soy cutlet, bibimbap, ramen, and stir-fry meals. You can’t go wrong with Loving Hut!

📍치지레이지 CHEESYLAZY (UPDATE: Closed 😢)

Address: 173 Seosa-ro, 특별자치도, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

Page: www.instagram.com/cheesylazy.jeju

CHEESYLAZY is an all-vegan sandwich shop in Jeju City. Their items include a tofu teriyaki sandwich, a grilled vegetable and vegan cheese sandwich, chickpea sandwich, soup, salad, and chili fries. They also serve ice cream and housemade-kombucha.

Their sandwiches are $5 USD. I got the Tofu Teriyaki sandwich.

Tofu sandwich with fries from Cheesy Lazy Vegan Restuarant Jeju Island

Everything tasted fresh and the owner and staff are really nice! I was given a small plate of Korean pears which were crisp and sweet.

📍Jeju 901

Address: 173 Seosa-ro, 특별자치도, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

Page: www.instagram.com/jeju901_official

Jeju 901 is a vegan cafe in Jeju that is part of a guesthouse and yoga studio. They serve healthy and organic eats like smoothie bowls, sandwiches, salads, and soup.

You can also get raw desserts, fresh juices, and detox smoothies.

If you’re hiking the Eoseungsaengak trail of Hallasan Mountain from Jeju City, the bus stops right near Jeju 901 on the way to and back.

📍LouLou Vegan

Address: 28, Yeonbuk-ro, Jeju, South Korea

Page: instagram.com/loulou_vegan

LouLou vegan is a small vegan cafe in Jeju City in the north. They have a variety of baked goods and desserts like pecan pie, carrot cake, tiramisu, cookies, and muffins, as well as some savory items.

They are open four days a week. I definitely have to try next time I’m in Jeju!


Address: 960, Aewolhaean-ro, Aewol-eup, Jeju, South Korea

Page: www.instagram.com/avec_vegan

Avec is a vegan restaurant in Jeju that serves western food and is located near the airport.

Their dishes include open sandwiches, burgers made with bean patties, and pastas like carbonara and scallop pasta. Dishes are around $13 USD each. They also serve beer and cookies, and you get a nice ocean view.

📍Five Seventh – 칠분의 오

Address: 650-20 Haemajihaean-ro, Jeju, South Korea

Page: www.instagram.com/five_seventh__

Five Seventh is a vegan restaurant in Jeju that is located near the north-eastern coastline, and is located near the popular Woljeongri Beach.

They serve burgers, croissant sandwiches, soups made with Jeju vegetables, and noodle dishes.

You can also order vegan deserts like s’more cookies, cakes, and croissants. Prices range around $12 USD for the main dishes.

Vegan Food Options in non-Vegan Restaurants in Jeju

📍Usual Coffee

Address: 11, Donam-ro 13-gil, Jeju, South Korea

Page: www.instagram.com/usual_coffee

Vegan chocolate oreo donut and strawberry milk donut with vegan latte

Located in Jeju City in the north, Usual Coffee serves donuts and hot and cold drinks. All of their donuts are vegan and they have vegan milk options, but they do serve dairy milk options, so be sure to specify for drinks.

I’ve tried vegan donuts from multiple countries, and these were the best ones I’ve ever tried.

They’re fluffy on the inside but have a nice crisp on the outside and the sweetness is just right. Prices are around $2 USD per donut.

📍Dasoni Restaurant

Address: 24 Onam-ro 6-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

Perilla seed soup with buckwheat dumplings (deulkkae sujebi) and buchim potato Korean pancakes - Dasoni Jeju Island

Dasoni located in Jeju City is probably one of the most well known restaurants in Jeju for vegan and vegetarian food.

It’s been unconfirmed whether or not their kimchi contains fish sauce, though.

Dasoni serves traditional Korean temple food. Some reviews say their food is bland, but I found the food so fresh, comforting, and filling!

I got the Perilla seed soup with hand cut buckwheat dumplings (deulkkae sujebi) for $7 USD and buchim potato Korean pancakes for $4.50 USD. You also get several sides.

Their other vegan options include acorn jelly salad, kalguksu perilla seed soup with noodles, bimimbap and yeonnipbap, or lotus leaf rice.

Their seating is floor seating and you take your shoes off prior to entering. I would definitely go here again!


Lotteria Vegan Miracle Burger set with fries and soda

I found it more difficult eating vegan in Seogwipo City near all of the main tourist sites.

So in comes Lotteria, a popular burger chain throughout South Korea. They serve the vegan Miracle burger and for $5 USD a whole set with drinks and fries.

I really enjoyed the burger and had it a few times in different cities. There’s multiple Lotteria’s throughout Jeju and one located in Seogwipo near the Seogwipo Olle Market.

🍚 If you’re looking for fully-vegan restaurants in Seogwipo, you can go a bit farther east for Loving Hut Jeju, or west for Sunshine Walk, a fine-dining vegan restaurant in Jeju. Note the limited opening hours for both.

A vegan restaurant in northern Jeju I haven’t tried yet: Lans Kitchen.

Basic Tips for Eating Vegan in Jeju

Vegan Banana Milk and Vegan Ramen South Korea Convenience Store Jeju
  • If you do find yourself not near any vegan restaurants in Jeju, look for a convenience store and get microwavable rice, nori sheets, vegan ramen, and any vegan-friendly vegetable sides available like pickled radish. It makes for a filling meal when needed.
  • For vegan restaurants in Jeju, make sure to check the hours or their Instagrams for any updates. Many vegan restaurants in Jeju are closed on Mondays.
  • If you are planning to eat with non-vegans at non-vegan restaurants in Jeju, it’s best to learn basic Korean phrases to order veganizable food. Make sure to download Google Translate or the Papago app to translate menus. Read more travel tips on my South Korea guide.
  • You can also access a full map of vegan options run by locals. Do double check the restaurant status and hours: jejuvegan.com/vegan_map_en.

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