Vegan Options at Dotori Cafe in Seoul, South Korea

Dotori Cafe is a Ghibli-style cafe in Seoul, South Korea that opened in 2022.

Dotori Cafe in Seoul now has two locations. I went to the Dotori in Yongsan, but the new location in Jongno also has the same vegan options on the menu!

While Dotori Cafe is not a vegan or vegetarian cafe, they offer more vegan options than I’ve seen at other non-vegan cafes.

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Front of Dotori Cafe Yongsan in Seoul - all sky blue house Ghibli-themed

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Dotori Cafe Locations


Inside Dotori Cafe in Seoul with sky blue walls and rustic wooden tables

Dotori Cafe in Yongsan

Address: 25-6 Hangang-daero 52-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Address in Korean: 용산구 한강대로52길 25-6

Hours: Open daily from 8am to 11pm

Dotori Garden Seoul

Address: 19-8 Gyedong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Address in Korean: 서울특별시 종로구 계동길 19-8

Hours: Open daily from 8am to 11pm

Dotori Yongsan Photos

Dotori basically feels like a Ghibli cafe in Seoul. There’s seating inside and outside, and are either wood-furnished or sky blue. It’s very homey and the most aesthetic cafe I’ve visited in Seoul.

Inside Dotori Cafe in Seoul - wooden tables in rustic gray-blue walls
Outside patio with brown wooden tables in Dotori Cafe at Seoul

Vegan Options at Dotori Cafe

When you walk in, you’ll see tables set with self-serve baked goods and sandwiches — none of those are vegan. 😅 Walk towards the 2nd table for the vegan options.

When I went, the prepackaged vegan items were on a top shelf. Now, it looks like they serve the vegan options in separate baskets on a table.

This section is self-serve, so you bring the items to the counter to pay.

Shelf of vegan pound cakes Dotori Cafe in Seoul

Self-Serve Pre-Packaged Vegan Items:

  • Vegan mugwort pound cake ($3.80 USD)
  • Chocolate pound cake ($4.20 USD)
  • Vegan cookies, chocolate chip, and oatmeal flavors ($3.45 USD each)
Shelf of vegan cookies at Dotori Cafe in Seoul

Vegan Food on the Menu

The only vegan items to order on the menu seem to be drinks. You can order one of the sweet teas or juices.

They do not offer plant milk for the coffees. None of the yogurt bowls or granola appear to be vegan.

There are vegetable soups on the menu, however, they don’t list the full ingredients. I didn’t get any of those, so it’s better to ask the staff if they contain any milk, butter, or eggs.

When you order from the menu, they give you a coaster that will buzz when your order is ready to pick up.

My Review of Dotori Cafe

Vegan cookie and chocolate pound cake on table at Dotori Cafe in Seoul

I got the vegan chocolate pound cake and vegan chocolate chip cookie (at Dotori Yongsan location). The pound cake was dense and a bit dry. The cookie was a 7.7/10 and the better option from the two.

Still, I’d recommend visiting the cafe to experience the cafe setting itself. There’s plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and again, they offer more vegan options than other non-vegan cafes. At other popular cafes in Seoul, drinks are usually the only vegan option.

There are plenty of all-vegan cafes to check out in Seoul though. Here’s my top vegan restaurants and cafes to try in Seoul.

How to Get to Dotori Cafe

By Subway

Dotori Yongsan in Seoul Location: The nearest train station to Dotori Yongsan is Samgakji Station.

Take exit 3 and the cafe is a short 5-minute walk away.

Dotori Garden Jongno Location: The nearest train station to Dotori Garden is Anguk Station. Take exit 2 and the cafe is a short 3-minute walk away.

By Bus

Depending on where you’re coming from, there are many buses that stop near both Dotori locations. I recommend using CityMapper or Naver Map.

By Taxi

You can also hail a taxi. Uber works in Seoul if you don’t have the Kakao Taxi app, or don’t want to hail a taxi. Don’t rely on Uber however, as it’s not always widely-available in Seoul, or sometimes just takes a while to find one.

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