For Four Bread Review: Vegan Bakery in Hongdae, Seoul

Address: 18길 13 Donggyo-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Name in Korean: 포포브레드

Hours: Tuesday to Saturdays from 11am-6pm, closed on Sundays and Mondays


For Four Bread is a small and cozy all-vegan bakery and dessert cafe located in the Mapo district. It’s walkable from the main Hongdae area, and luckily from the hotel in Hongdae I stayed at.

They do not use any animal by-products like eggs, cow’s milk, or butter, and no refined sugars. It’s one my top 5 vegan cafes in Seoul.

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What Does For Four Bread Sell?

For Four Bread sells baked goods like breads and desserts. Each item has a card with its ingredients written in Korean and English.

Freshly-Baked Bread

Trays of freshly-baked breads made from gluten-free flours - For Four Bread Hongdae, Seoul

When you enter, you’ll see tables and shelves lined with bread loaves, ciabattas, baguettes, and campagnes (similar to sourdough).

Most of the breads are gluten-free and made with rice flour as well as non-artificial ingredients. Some of the breads include ingredients like figs, chocolate, walnuts, and onion.

Vegan Desserts

Plate of vegan mini raw cheesecake, three vegan madeleines and matcha cookie from For Four Bread in Hongdae Seoul

Towards the counter there is a display case of different desserts. It includes

  • Chocolate banana pound cake
  • Sweet potato pound cake
  • Pies
  • Crumbles
  • Raw cheesecake

On top of the counter are other desserts like:

  • Cookies (matcha, chocolate fudge, peanut butter)
  • Scones
  • Madeleines

Most are made with rice and gluten-free flours.


They have a separate menu for drinks (that is also written in braille!). They offer hot and cold beverages like lattes, Americanos, ades, and teas in different flavors. The menu does include English.

For Four Bread Prices

Trays of loaves from For Four Bread Hongdae, Seoul
  • Breads: $3 USD to $6 USD
  • Madeleines: $1.80 USD
  • Cookies: $2.5 USD
  • Pound Cakes: $4 USD
  • Raw Cheesecake: $4.75 USD
  • Drinks: around $3 USD each

You can also order one of their Vegan Sets, a box with several different items, ranging from 28,000 won to 44,000 won, or $21 USD to $33 USD.

Ordering System at For Four Bread

The breads are a self-serve section. There will be parchment paper and tongs to pick up the bread items. You can request to have the bread sliced for takeaway or to eat there.

For the desserts, you point or ask for the ones you want to order. They’ll ask if you want to eat everything for dine-in or for takeout.

If you don’t finish it all like I didn’t, they can place leftovers in a takeout bag.

Is There Seating at For Four Bread?

There is limited seating of individual and paired seating. At most, the cafe can only fit 6 people. Most of the people I saw that came in ordered takeout.

Still, try not to go during peak hours if you want to eat there.

Is For Four Bread All Gluten Free?

Almost all items at Four Four Bread are gluten-free and are made with rice flour and other gluten-free ingredients like mugwort flour and oat flour.

All gluten-free items are labeled so, including the breads and desserts. The shop owner and staff are also really friendly and can answer gluten-free concerns.

My Review of For Four Bread

Vegan green matcha cookie with macadamias from Four Four Bread in Hongdae Soeul

I ordered the raw cheesecake, madeleines, cookies, and tea. The cheesecake was perfectly sweet, creamy, and nutty. Also very filling!

I’ve never had veganized madeleines before, and these were nicely moist. I would definitely get those again. The cookies for me were a bit dry, but still flavorful.

I definitely ate with my eyes and had to take leftovers. Like in many cafes in Seoul, the desserts are dense and filling.

I’ve only heard good things about the bread, and can’t wait to try it next time. All in all, I highly recommend For Four Bread!

How to Get to For Four Bread

Front entrance with yellow door of For Four Bread Hongdae, Seoul
By Subway

The closest train station to For Four Bread is Hapjeong Station. Take exit 2, and the walk is about 7 minutes.

By Bus

Depending on where you’re coming from, there are many buses that stop near For Four Bread, include buses 271 and 273.

You can use Google Maps, but note that while Google Maps provides bus + walking routes for Seoul, it does not give just walking routes.

By Taxi

You can also hail a taxi to For Four Bread. Uber works in Seoul if you don’t have the Kakao Taxi app (you’ll need a local sim), or don’t want to hail a taxi.

Don’t rely on Uber however, as it’s not always widely-available in Seoul, or sometimes just takes a while to find one. If you’re walking from the main Hongdae area, it will take about 15-minutes to walk.

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