Impressive Vegan Restaurants in Beijing to Try (2024)

I spent a week in Beijing (or six days to meet the 144-hour visa-free stay!).

I spent 3-5 hours a day walking around Beijing, and was thankful for all the vegan food and vegan restaurants in Beijing to fuel me.

Here are 5 amazing vegan restaurants in Beijing, plus vegan options at convenience stores, and vegan food at a Great Wall of China tour I joined.

If you’re visiting Beijing for the first time, read my essential Beijing travel guide tips.

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Vegan Restaurants in Beijing

SUHU Vegetarian Tiger – Qianmen

Address: Qianmen W Road Building 3, Zheng Yang Shi Chang, Beijing China

A diverse plate of vegan cuisine from a Beijing restaurant, featuring fried tofu, vegetable skewers, seasoned rice, and assorted mock meats, offering a colorful and appetizing meal, best vegan restaurants in Beijing
A plate full of vegan delicacies from a Beijing restaurant, including vegan salmon, glazed yams, crispy dumplings, and sweet-and-sour tofu, representing a fusion of traditional Chinese flavors made plant-based

Suhu or Vegetarian Tiger have a few locations in Beijing, but the one in Qiamen was only a 15-minute walk away from me.

Their all-vegan buffet costs $9 USD for over 100 buffet items. I paid with my Didi-Alipay app, but they accept cash too.

The selection is huge! With lots of vegan meat dishes, salads, vegetable dishes, some western dishes, and vegan desserts like cakes and sweet dim sum.

Some special items I tried were the vegan salmon (insane) and marinated skewers.

I ate here three days in a row, and would’ve probably eaten there every day if I could. Highly recommend! It’s one of the most popular vegan restaurants in Beijing.

It does get packed, so if you’re there alone, you may sit across another solo-goer, which was totally fine.

Chīsù De – Veggie Table

Address: No.19A Wudaoying Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

If you’re craving more vegan western food during your visit, go to Veggie Table, a vegetarian but mostly vegan restaurant in Beijing.

You can order dishes like pasta, pizza, burgers, salads, and falafel with some desserts.

Fu Hui Ci Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant

Address: No.53 Donganmen Street, Beijing 100006 China

Savory vegan fried rice served on a banana leaf, topped with fresh dragon fruit, peas, and diced tofu, from a Beijing vegan restaurant, blending traditional flavors with a modern twist
A close-up of a vegan monkey head mushroom dish, a popular dish in Beijing vegan restaurants, featuring crispy tofu with peppers in a sweet and spicy sauce

Fu Hui Ci Yuan was the first restaurant in Beijing that I ate at while I was visiting Wangfujing Street nearby. Their food was delicious. Most items are vegan.

It looks more like a fine-dining restaurant but prices were reasonable and portions were filling.

I got the lotus rice and a monkey-head mushroom dish.

It is harder to find (I definitely got lost). You can read the tips on Happy Cow on how to find the location, but it will be inside a side street.

Wutai Yun (五台云养生素食)

Address: 54 Jiaoda E Rd, Haidian District, Beijing, China, 100044

Wutai Yun is an all-vegan restaurant in Beijing that serves mostly Chinese food.

Their most popular dishes include their vegan hotpot and tofu dishes made with fresh tofu.

King’s Joy

Address: 2 Wudaoying Hu Tong, 国子监 Dongcheng, Beijing, China, 100027

If you want to experience a 3-star Michelin vegetarian restaurant with vegan options, visit King’s Joy in Beijing, which is a bit pricy for $130/person, but has mostly positive reviews.

Read King’s Joy’s over 1,500 reviews on Tripadvisor.

Vegan Options at Convenience Stores


Located on the famous Qianmen Street

Lawson is one of the more popular convenience stores in Beijing, with over 400 locations.

I stayed in Xiamen and there was a Lawson close to my hotel.

I went here a lot and here’s the items I usually got for snacks as well as fuel for a Great Wall of China trip, including almonds, dried fruits, chips, and really fresh soy milk.

Packaged vegan snacks, including a bag of almonds and a peach-flavored jelly cup, found in a Beijing vegan restaurant's grab-and-go section, catering to quick and healthy eating
Snack selection from a Beijing vegan eatery, showcasing a bottle of traditional soy milk and a pack of Lay's potato chips with classic flavor, highlighting convenient vegan option

Great Wall of China Vegan Options

Interior view of a vegan buffet setup in a Mubus Great Wall of China buffet restaurant, showcasing a selection of hot dishes in stainless steel warmers, a salad bar, and a decorative flower centerpiece, inviting diners to a plant-based feast

I joined a Great of Wall of China – Mutianyu route tour with Viator (check out the tour here).

The tours are hosted by Mubus, who run an optional lunch buffet.

I didn’t know what to expect from the reviews I read, so I did pack up on snacks.

A plate filled with an assortment of vegan dishes at a Beijing restaurant, including fresh greens, colorful salad, black noodles, and fried tofu, offering a nutritious and delicious variety
A well-composed plate from a vegan buffet in Beijing, featuring crispy French fries, steamed buns, and a mix of marinated tofu, vegetables, and yellow fruit, highlighting the diverse vegan options available

BUT, I was pleasantly surprised to see that a majority of the buffet dishes were vegan! Plus organic and fresh.

I highly recommend this Viator tour in general too.

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