70+ Vegan Tours Around the World to Check Out in 2024

If you love to travel for vegan food while exploring new destinations, a vegan tour is the perfect getaway for 2024.

Planning a trip as a vegan can sometimes be challenging and time-consuming, as you need to research restaurants and vegan accommodations.

With a vegan tour, all the hard work is taken care of for you.

These tours are specifically designed for vegans, ensuring that every meal and activity aligns with the vegan lifestyle.

By joining a vegan tour, you get to explore new destinations, try the best local vegan foods, and meet other vegans and vegheads.

Here are more than 70 vegan tours to consider for your next trip or vacation, split by country.

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US Vegan Tours

All year long. Sonoma Valley, California. Charlie’s Acres Farm Sanctuary & Vegan Wine Tour www.labellevietours.com/vegan-wine-tours

More vegan festivals and vegan resorts in the US

Europe Vegan Tours


June 10-15. Vegan Croatia Dalmatian Coast www.tiernotours.com/vegan-croatia.html


April 16-23. Spring in Greece’s Northern Peloponnese www.naturetrek.co.uk/tours/greece-vegetarian-wildlife-tour

May 11-18. Crete & Santorini Vegan Tour www.tiernotours.com/vegan-greece-crete.html

October 5-12. Growing Vegan In Greece, Athens & Santorini thegetawayco.com/growing-vegan-in-greece-2024

October 6-15. Athens and Crete Vegan Tour vegjauntsandjourneys.com/tour/greece


September 7-14. Northern Lights and Whale Watch vegjauntsandjourneys.com/tour/iceland-2024


August 19-26. Vegan Ireland, West Coast and the Wild Atlantic Way and Scotland



May 11-18. Tuscany, Italy – WFPB SOS-free worldvegantravel.com/nha-tuscany-2024

June 1-8. Vegan Le Marche, Italy with Miyoko Schinner www.tiernotours.com/miyoko-vegan-lemarche-tour.html

June 1-8, September 7-14, September 7-21. Vegan Week in Italy. Adriatic coast www.zenithotelgiulianova.com/en/vegan-week.html

June 8-15. Whisked Away To Italy Vegan Retreat thegetawayco.com/whisked-away-to-italy-2024

June 16-25. Amalfi Coast, Italy vegjauntsandjourneys.com/tour/amalfi-coast

June 16-25. Northern Italy with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau worldvegantravel.com/joyful-northern-italy-2024

July 14-21. Wildlife of Italy’s Northern Alps www.naturetrek.co.uk/tours/italy-vegan-wildlife-tour

September 12-21. Vegan Rome & Tuscany, Italy with Chef Tanya www.tiernotours.com/vegan-tuscany-with-chef-tanya.html

October 11-20. Cilento, Italy vegjauntsandjourneys.com/tour/cilento-italy

October 11-20. Cilento National Park www.greenearthtravel.com/italy-cilento-national-park.html

October 19-28. Rome, Tuscany and Venice, Italy vegjauntsandjourneys.com/tour/italy

October, three sessions. Miyoko Schinner’s Vegan Cooking School in Italy www.tiernotours.com/vegan-cooking-school-with-miyoko-schinner.html

All year long. Italy – Tour of Rome www.greenearthtravel.com/italy—tour-of-rome.html



April 20-29. Vegan Tour of Portugal’s Culture and Heritage vegjauntsandjourneys.com/tour/portugal

May 11-18. Vegan In Portugal 2024 Retreat thegetawayco.com/sophs-portugal-plant-cation


June 23-27. Summer in the Cairngorms Wildlife Tour www.naturetrek.co.uk/tours/cairngorms-vegan-wildlife-tour

September 30-October 4. Cairngorms in Autumn Wildlife Tour www.naturetrek.co.uk/tours/scotland-vegan-wildlife-tour

All year long. Customized Vegan Scotlands tours scottishguidedtours.com/vegan-tours-of-scotland


June 12-19. Slovenia Vegan Tour vegjauntsandjourneys.com/tour/slovenia


September 21-29th. Madrid & Barcelona Heritage and Food Tour vegjauntsandjourneys.com/tour/spain


July 12-18. A Vegan Adventure in Switzerland: Zürich, Luzern, Interlaken, Grindelwald, Jungfrau www.escapeto.in/vegan-adventure-in-switzerland

Asia Vegan Tours


December 3-16. Cambodia 14-Day Vegan Tour vegantravelasia.com/adventures/cambodia-vegan-tour


January 19-27. Escape to Goa: A Vegan Adventure on the Beach escapeto.in/vegan-travel-adventure-in-goa

February 12-24. New Delhi, Taj Mahal, Jaipur, and Rishikesh www.escapeto.in/uncovering-indias-spiritual-heart-2024

June 28-July 7. A Vegan Adventure in South India, Bangalore + Hampi www.escapeto.in/vegan-adventure-in-south-india

October 5-15. Vegan Tour of North India, New Delhi, Taj Mahal, Jaipur, and Rishikesh www.escapeto.in/vegan-tour-of-north-india


July 1- 12. Orangutan in Sumatra Vegan Trip vegantravelasia.com/adventures/fundraiser-sumatra-vegan-trip

July 15-27. Bali: Vegin` Out on the Island of Gods vegantravelasia.com/adventures/bali-vegan-food-tour-13days

September 7-17. Live With Purpose Vegan Bali Retreat thegetawayco.com/live-with-purpose-bali-2024


March 22-31. Japan I with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau worldvegantravel.com/joyful-japan-2024

March 25-April 3. Miyoko Schinner’s Vegan Japan www.greenearthtravel.com/miyoko-schinner-vegan-japan.html

March 31-April 9. Japan II with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau worldvegantravel.com/joyful-japan-2-2024


November 17-30. Laos Mekong Moments – In the Land of A Million Elephants vegantravelasia.com/adventures/laos-vegan-food-tour

November 17-December 2, trips in 2025. Vegan Tour in Laos www.responsibletravel.com/holiday/24782/vegan-tour-in-laos


October 2-13. VegNews Food Lover’s Tour to Thailand vegantravelasia.com/adventures/thailand-vegnews-vegan-food-tour

December 23-January 3. VegNews Vegan Christmas Holiday in Thailand with VegVoyages vegantravelasia.com/adventures/cambodia-vegan-tour

South Korea

September 20-27. South Korea Vegan Food Tour www.greenearthtravel.com/south-korea-vegan-food-adventure.html

October 13-25. South Korea Vegan Tour vegantoursny.com/south-korea

October 20-30. Korean Vegan Tour vegjauntsandjourneys.com/tour/south-korea

Sri Lanka

September 8-21. Sri Lanka Vegan Food Tour vegantravelasia.com/adventures/sri-lanka-vegan-food-tour-14days

September 8-November 1 (June tour in 2025). Vegan Holiday in Sri Lanka www.responsibletravel.com/holiday/24900/vegan-holiday-in-sri-lanka

December 1-10. A Vegan Adventure in Sri Lanka www.escapeto.in/vegan-adventure-in-sri-lanka


September 21-30. North & Central Vietnam worldvegantravel.com/north-central-vietnam-2024

South America Vegan Tours


February 16 – 25. Vegan Tour of Columbia. Medellín, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia trips.bnbcolombia.com/itinerary/?planId=45571023-13fe-49d6-9675-948b2121cfa2

Costa Rica

January 18-29, December 8-19. 280km Coast to Coast Costa Rica Trek veganadventureholidays.com/tour/280km-coast-to-coast-costa-rica-trek


March 10-17, November 17-24. Vegan Holiday in Guatemala www.responsibletravel.com/holiday/24305/vegan-multi-activity-holiday-in-guatemala

March 10-17, November 17. The Ultimate Vegan Hiking Adventure in Guatemala veganadventureholidays.com/tour/the-ultimate-vegan-hiking-adventure-in-guatemala


February 10-18. A Vegan Adventure in Mexico www.escapeto.in/vegan-adventure-in-mexico

May 5-12. Vegan Yoga + Cooking Retreat in Mexico City www.escapeto.in/light-on-life

July 20-28. A Vegan Adventure in Mexico City www.escapeto.in/a-vegan-adventure-in-mexico-summer


April 17-27, September 17-27 (More in 2025). Vegan Group Tour veggieperu.com/vegan-group-tours-peru

December 19-30. Peru Xmas veggieperu.com/peru-group-journey-xmas

Africa Vegan Tours

March 2-9. The Magic Of Morocco Vegan Retreat thegetawayco.com/the-magic-of-morocco-2024

August 12-23. Trek Kilimanjaro & Safari worldvegantravel.com/climb-kilimanjaro-202

August 13-21. Kenya Vegan Safari www.greenearthtravel.com/kenya-vegan-safari.html

September 19-28. Namibia Safari vegjauntsandjourneys.com/tour/namibia-safari

October 29-November 6. Safari in Botswana with wildlife photographer Jennifer Hadley worldvegantravel.com/botswana-2024

October 29-November 6. Botswana Safari with wildlife photographer Jennifer Hadley www.greenearthtravel.com/botswana-safari-with-wildlife-photographer.html

November 6-14. Safari in Botswana + Cape Town worldvegantravel.com/botswana-cape-town-2024

November 6-14. Vegan Safari Adventure, Botswana and Cape Town www.greenearthtravel.com/botswana-and-south-africa-vegan-safari.html

November 24-December 3. Rwanda with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau worldvegantravel.com/joyful-rwanda-2024

All year long. Ethical Safari Adventure www.vegansafariafrica.com/joinavegantrip

All year long. Customized Vegan Safari Tours www.pathwaysafaris.com

Vegan Cruises in 2024

March 17-April 6. Epic Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands / Website

March 28-April 4. Through the Heart of Europe from Passau to Budapest / Website

May 13-20. Majestic Egypt Pharaohs, Pyramids and the Nile River / Website

August 18-30. Asia’s Most Legendary River from Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap / Website

September 6-13. Northern Highlights of Germany – From Maritime Hamburg to Vibrant Berlin in Late Summerfrom Hamburg to Berlin / Website

October 30-November 6. VT’s 10 Year Anniversary Cruise – Amsterdam to Basel / Website

November 7-14. On the Douro, Europe’s Most Beautiful Riverfrom Porto to Porto / Website

Multiple Countries Cruise

March 2-9. Holistic Holiday at Sea Caribbean Cruise: Florida, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic holisticholidayatsea.com/march2024

Vegan Travel Tour Companies

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Escape To

Green Earth Travel

Nature Trek Tours

Responsible Travel

Tierno Tours – Vegan Travel Clubs

Veg Jaunts and Journeys

Vegan Adventure Holidays

Vegan Travel Asia

World Vegan Travel

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