A Fangirl’s POV: Traveling 5 Countries for Filipino Group SB19

I traveled five countries for the ppop group SB19 in the latter half of 2023, including solo and group events, concerts, music festivals, and for the unfortunate cancelled Pagtatag shows in Asia.

The countries I traveled to, some multiple times, were United States, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines, with additional trips to South Korea, China and Thailand for travel.

Was it a productive and logical use of my time? Eh.

Was it worth it? Absolutely.

I tap into my future 80-year-old-self often, and she made this decision for me charot. (I’ve learned so many Filo slang being around Filipino fans during this time: eme, awit, rampa, keri, sepanx, kaldag 😅 and word of the year — marupok).

Who is SB19?

If you’re not familiar with SB19, they’re a 5-member ppop group from the Philippines that debuted in 2018.

They’re often credited for helping pave the way for other amazing ppop groups into the global scene.

They are managed by 1Z Entertainment, a company founded by the members.

🎥 I put together a travel vlog of highlights, concert clips, and memorable moments that you can watch below.

I traveled 5 countries for ppop group SB19 in 2023 vlog 💙🇵🇭 (Pagtatag tour, solo concerts + more)

SB19 in the United States

SB19 held a 10-city summer tour in the US and Canada. I went to three of the concerts in San Francisco, New York City, and Washington D.C. (though honestly I originally was aiming for six 😅).

San Francisco / Redwood City

Let’s start with my first stop in Northern California where I’m from.

The concert was held in the same venue that SB19 performed in during their 2022 WYAT tour, and it was nice running into familiar faces.

I usually give out freebies, and I loved meeting other SB19 fans, aka A’TIN, and asking who their bias is.

This tour stop had a lot of families, children, and mostly Fil-Ams in attendance, including a lot of aunties/titas haggling for more freebies. 🤣

During the concert, July 28 was declared “SB19 Day” in the County of San Mateo.

The group US A’TIN organized fan projects where they handed out roses, blue streamers, and lights that the fans held up during certain songs. It must have been beautiful from SB19’s POV.

A guide for fan projects at the SB19 Pagtatag World Tour in San Francisco, detailing color-coded items for songs, highlighting the fan engagement and anticipation

I had a VIP ticket that included a group photo with SB19 and other fans. A seat neighbor encouraged me to bring my SSOB sign (BOSS spelled backwards, and the nickname for Josh, my bias in the group, if it’s not painfully obvious throughout this whole blog).

Josh asked me about my sign and I probably blacked out because I do not remember anything after that! I’ve met a good amount of bands and celebrities and this was the most nervous I’ve gotten?!

New York City

Next stop is New York City. This was my first time visiting and I’m so glad I got to be a tourist as well.

Local fans even sponsored a SB19 billboard ad at Times Square. There was also a Random PPOP Dance Play gathering hosted by fans:

Image source: SB19 official account on X

I gave out freebies throughout concert day and I met fans of all ages and backgrounds.

This tour stop specifically had so many non-Filipinos, families, uncles, aunties, and even grandmas who came out to support SB19.

While in line, the older aunties were voting for SB19 online in the Billboard Awards and encouraging others in line to do so as well.

The concert itself was great. SB19 once again proved what vocal powerhouses they are.

I looked around and saw so many older aunties enjoying their time throughout the show.

Washington D.C.

Early next morning I took a bus to Washington D.C. for SB19’s last US tour stop before they moved onto Canada.

This was also my first time visiting Washington D.C.

Many of the fans in attendance also traveled and flew in from other cities.

We stood up the whole time even though it was all seated. The crowd was loud and full of energy.

And did I fangirl when Josh took my phone and filmed himself singing one of my favorite parts in their song ‘What?’ — Yes, yes I did.

After the show, I met a 70+ year old Kapampangan grandma who recently became a SB19 fan and said that being a fan brings her joy. She had asked her non-fan daughter to accompany her to the concert. Like her, many other older fans I’ve met are new to stanning groups and are having a fun time doing so.

Running into the Members

While I was being a tourist in Washington D.C., I ran into members Stell and Justin. Or more like, I was resting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and saw them walking up, then freaked the heck out.

Any other time I would not bother idols but had seen online that they’re open to saying hi to fans, of course under appropriate circumstances.

I was nervous, but I went up to them as they walked back down the stairs.

Stell asked me about the tour and offered to take the selfie (mines was so bad, and I half-joked that my hand was shaking).

I also spent 3 hours at a museum and didn’t know another member Josh was also there until I was going through my museum videos weeks later. Though I heard a Filipino dinosaur joke and always wondered if it was them.

Why SB19 and PPOP in the US is Special

The iconic Webster Hall in New York City proudly displays 'SB19 Pagtatag! World Tour' on its marquee, signifying the group's major international tour stop

I’ve been to a lot of concerts, probably more than 200, and SB19 and ppop concerts are different, especially here in the US.

Because these events are rare you get a diverse turnout of people from different backgrounds. There’s non-Filipinos, fans, and families of all ages, and they’re all there to support SB19, a group from the Philippines.

As many aunties have said at the concerts, fans find Filipino pride in SB19, especially in the US and other diaspora countries, where assimilation is necessary to survive, and culture, identity and language can get lost along the way.

SB19 in Asia

The next month of September I flew to Asia, a trip I already planned on taking. It was all coincidental that SB19 would later announce many solo and group events.

This was also when I turned into a full-on marupok A’TIN.

Spoiler: This turned into a 3-month trip. To answer a lot of questions I got asked, I work remotely, though it can be difficult to manage while traveling.

I first flew to South Korea for a quick trip. I left SB19 as well as Alamat stickers at Seoul Tower. I added more when I visited again in November.

Singapore Felip Events

Next up is Singapore, part 1. I rerouted my trip to go to SB19 member Ken’s (or solo name Felip) first international shows.

This was also my seventh time visiting Singapore. It’s one of my favorite countries.

I can’t even remember where I was supposed to go to after South Korea. Everything is blurred when you officially become a marupok.

At this point, I didn’t know a lot of A’TIN in Asia and was a solo concert-goer.

Roseanne with a bright 'FELIP' sign at Clarke Quay in Singapore, celebrating SB19's international concert and the popularity of member Felip
Roseanne at an SB19 international concert in Singapore, holding a fan sign for Felip, capturing the energy and excitement of the live event.

Felip’s first show was initially for local residents only. One of the A’TIN Singapore admins Ramel helped secure a +1 spare for me from other fans in line. He did that for many others and I truly appreciate the kindness for strangers. (I ended up seeing Ramel several times throughout my Asia trip.)

While it was Ken’s first international show without the other members, he confidently performed. It was perfect. Much of the crowd were non-fans and enjoyed the performance.

Felip from SB19 performing with passion at an international concert in Clarke Quay, Singapore, with fans capturing the moment on their phones.

A second show was added due to demand, and so I cancelled my flight and booked another. Theme of the trip: yolo?

This time the concert was held outdoor in the popular Clarke Quay. Felip performed encore songs at both shows, including his song Palayo in the Bisaya language.

Philippines Events

The day after I flew to the Philippines. This is the first of many Philippines trips.

Josh’s Book Fair Event

Josh Cullen of SB19 signing autographs at the Manila International Book Fair, casually seated on a 'SOFA' couch adorned with fan messages
Close-up of a personalized message in a photobook signed by Josh Cullen from SB19, expressing gratitude at the Manila International Book Fair event

I had already planned on attending the Manila International Book Fair (I swear, I bought about 30 books, mostly for godchildren).

It turned out Josh announced a last-minute signing and performance at the book fair.

I quickly bought my photobook package and secured a spot in the signing.

The performance area was packed and Josh performed his solo songs, which reminds me of R&B music from the early 2000s, which I love.

I was 7th in line for the signing and was quite nervous.

We were able to give our phones to staff to record.

I told Josh that I’m from California and said thank you for coming back to the US, that we really appreciate it.

He asked if I went to the US tour and if my name is one word or two. (Wala lang 😅)

I’m proud of myself for acting like a normal human being! As much as I fangirl, sometimes too much, I do remember idols are just human beings, and I should talk to them like I’d talk to strangers.

(Though I absolutely melted when a high five turned into a hand clasp and I do not want to talk about it to preserve what’s left of my dignity 😆).

I also met other fans at the event and was able to chat with them.

Back-to-Back SB19 Events

After going to Pampanga for a week to visit family, I headed back to Manila for two back-to-back concerts that I initially had no intention on attending.

The first was a concert for Filipino singer KZ Tandingan, whom I’ve seen before in the US.

SB19 was announced as a guest and I ended up getting 2nd row last minute. This was SB19’s first show together after the US tour.

I had a lot of fun not only from seeing SB19 again (with a full live band too), but because of KZ’s impeccable humor. It was the most I laughed at a concert in a while.

Watsons Concert

The day after was a joint concert hosted by Watsons, with other Filipino artists BINI, Zack Tabudlo, and Ben&Ben.

The concert was technically free if you bought a certain amount of goods, so I purchased a bunch of things for my grandma. I got seated VIP which also included soundcheck.

And, it turned out I won a Meet and Greet pass. Only 30 people won. What are the odds! Hello?!

I had used my uncle’s name for the Watson’s order, and did a major double take when I saw his name on the winner’s list. I went into a rabbit hole to confirm if that was really him and that I had won.

While SB19’s set was short, it was amazing to see SB19 perform on a bigger stage again (my first time was PPOPCON in 2022).

I also really enjoyed seeing and meeting the other artists. They are also incredible powerhouses in the Philippine music industry.

The Meet and Greet

Image source: Watsons Facebook

This was not your regular Meet and Greet! We were in a small room with white cloth-lined tables, a full buffet and even waiters, and we received a massive bag of Watsons goodies (I gave it to my auntie). I will never forget how kind the staff were.

Each artist came in separately and each table took turns sitting in the chairs to take “formal” and wacky photos with each artist.

Image source: Watsons Facebook

SB19 was the last artist to come in.

When I was waving to the members before going to my seat, Josh said “hey, you again.”

Personally, part of me gets mortified when artists remember me! I said “Yes, I’m hella lucky!” (Oops my Bay Area slang came out).

I said bye to each member after the photos and kinda took my time instead of rushing to my seat like others had, and shot my shot. 😅

I told Ken that I went to two of his Singapore shows and they were amazing.

I then told Justin I went to the US tour. That’s when Stell said he remembers me. And I said, “Yeah Washington DC!” (from the selfie photo).

Stell and Josh are both known to be good at memorizing faces!

Quick Trip to Thailand

At this point, their Asia tour was announced and I had planned on going to a few of them, plus a performance at Round Festival in Indonesia, a concert featuring artists from different Asia countries.

Before Indonesia, I took a trip to Thailand, primarily for the annual Thailand Vegetarian Festival, which is basically a vegan’s Christmas.

Promotional flyers for the SB19 Pagtatag World Tour featuring concert dates in Bangkok and Singapore, symbolizing the group's growing international presence

I brought flyers to give out for the Singapore and Thailand concerts, and mailed some to Thailand A’TIN.

(Spoiler, both concerts were cancelled.)

I also DIY’ed some SB19 signs in my Airbnb for the Indonesia concerts:

SB19 in Indonesia

Next is Indonesia, my favorite fangirl trip.

I didn’t know anyone before coming here but we ended up seeing SB19 four days in a row. Amazingly, I had not booked my flight out of Indonesia yet when additional events were announced.

Airport Salubong

I attended my first ever airport salubong, where fans welcome a group at the airport. This was also my first time meeting A’TIN from Indonesia, aka A’TINDO, some of whom I talked to in a group chat prior.

Fans from Philippines were also flying to Indonesia the same time as SB19 on a separate flight, and arrived in time to greet them.

Here is our group photo of fans from Indonesia and fans who traveled from the Philippines:

Fan Project

I had a last-minute idea for a fan project for the SB19 concerts in Jakarta that weekend that I ran by A’TIN Indonesia admins.

I bought and decorated a notebook and we passed it around at fan events and concerts for A’TIN to add messages for SB19.

I printed photos from the fan gatherings and fan art from Indonesia fans and added them to the notebook.

A’TIN Indonesia admin Mel was able to pass it to a member after the busking.

A fanbook titled 'POP RISE Notebook' dedicated to SB19, from Indonesian A'TIN, displayed with colorful pens and a decorative tape, celebrating the SB19 tour.
A collage of vibrant fan photos and memorabilia from the A'TINDO Indonesian fanbase for an SB19 tour project book, capturing the spirit and community of A'TIN

Round Festival

Before the concert, A’TINDO admins treated and hosted a luncheon for traveling A’TIN.

A’TIN from Singapore flew in that day and joined us — 10 of them, and in matching A’TIN Singapore shirts!

We passed around freebies and sang Josh Happy Birthday, or to a bobble head cutout of Josh.

We then headed to the venue. Most of the crowd present were local A’TIN waiting to see SB19 for the first time. Many brought banners and sang along to the fan chants.

Indonesia is actually one of the top streaming countries for SB19 on Spotify!

@SB19ID, one of the other Indonesia A’TIN groups passed out Josh banners from a birthday project funded by fans (including moi).

Live Music Festival

The next day we roadtripped to Bandung for the Live Music Festival where SB19 was performing. A’TINDO admin Mel organized the rides with two vans of traveling A’TIN and A’TINDO admins.

There were thousands and thousands of locals in the crowd, with a good amount of A’TINDO at the front.

Image source: SB19 official account on X


The next day, SB19 was doing busking at a park, where they performed a few songs.

Though it was announced last minute, so many A’TINDO showed up and cheered and sang loudly to the songs.

Josh and Stell had remembered me here again too. 🙈 😬

Roseanne holding a blue and yellow SB19 sign at the Round Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia, with the SB19 concert stage in the background, ready for the performance.
Close-up of Roseanne showcasing an SB19 sign, her excitement for the SB19 tour evident in her bright smile, with a warm indoor setting

Indonesia was one of the funnest fan girl trips I’ve ever taken.

Fans from Indonesia are some of the nicest fans I’ve met.

They’re joyful, welcoming and caring, and helped us out a lot throughout the whole trip.

I know they’re warmly and excitedly waiting for SB19’s return.

Back for More in Philippines

The same night, me and other traveling A’TIN flew back to the Philippines and arrived around 4am.

Josh at Miss Philippines

The same day, without sleep, some of us attended Josh’s set at Miss Philippines. I coincidentally sat next to three BBQ (fandom name for Josh). Here’s a BBQ group photo we took after the concert:

At this point I was still planning on attending the newly-announced SB19 concerts in Singapore, Thailand, and possibly Japan.

After a few days in Pampanga, I headed back to Manila for two SB19 events.

One Zone Exhibit

A vibrant blue Elesbi lightstick being held up at SB19's 5th-anniversary concert, illuminating the fan enthusiasm during the SB19 tour.

One event was SB19’s One Zone fan experience, a multi-room exhibit of their journey together.

It was great seeing footage from previous years as well as all of the pictures and momentos from SB19’s journey.

5th Anniversary Fanmeet

The next day was SB19’s 5th anniversary concert. (Spoiler: this would be the last time I see them.)

The concert itself was a blast, and a mix between performances and interactive games that SB19 expertly hosted. I laughed so much. They are natural hosts.

SB19 members holding large letters spelling 'GENTO' at their 5th-anniversary fanmeet in Manila, exemplifying their close connection with fans during the tour

One of our friends who traveled to Indonesia was also able to go on stage for a game and we all filmed plenty of videos like proud soccer moms.

The ultimate winner, in Pera O Bayong gameshow style, won a dinner with SB19 and we all cheered her on.

Quick Trip to South Korea & China

I took a trip back to Seoul, South Korea to see the autumn leaves. At this point we didn’t know about the legal battle over usage rights to SB19’s name and logo.

I added more stickers to Seoul Tower that should still be there. If you ever go, here’s where to find them:

After South Korea, I took a quick trip to Beijing, China. This was the start of when SB19 started using their individual names instead of SB19 due to copyright claims from their former company.

I went to the Great Wall of China and left some SB19 and Alamat stickers near the tobbagon slide (Mutianyu route if you ever go 😅).

Singapore’s Cancellation

At this point ticketing for Singapore was placed on hold and rumors of cancellations of their concerts began.

Still, I flew to Singapore and hung out with Singapore A’TIN at karaoke and late night eats.

They already had a feeling the Singapore concert would be cancelled due to the legal battle, but we all still went to the airport the next morning since it wasn’t confirmed.

At the very minute when SB19 was supposedly to land, admins who were there with us got the final call that the Singapore concert was cancelled, a day before the show.

It was pretty heartbreaking to see A’TIN cry when the cancellation news broke. We just sat there for a while.

Still, Singapore A’TIN helped us make the most out of the trip.

More traveling A’TIN landed and we all hung out at the airport for a few hours. We even waited to see if SB19 arrived at another potential flight out of our deluluness and sadness. 😅

I hung out with A’TIN until nighttime. Thank you Singapore A’TIN; they are the closest and most organized A’TIN community I’ve ever seen.

“Concert Day”

I was feeling quite down to be honest, not only from the cancellation but from homesickness due to me rescheduling my plans and eventually missing Thanksgiving (okay, an invalid holiday, but I had missed the past few years due to Covid era and life things).

But Singapore A’TIN organized a gathering at Haji Lane and a photo booth event. A’TIN danced and sung along to SB19 songs.

It was amazing how A’TIN turned a sad moment into a party and celebration, I’m still in awe.

Enthusiastic fans of SB19 gathered at Haji Lane in Singapore with cutouts of the band members, celebrating the spirit of the tour despite the concert cancellation

Singapore A’TIN had also prepared over 500+ fan kits for concert attendees, including lyric books of the songs SB19 were to perform.

A'TIN fans holding photobooth pictures commemorating the cancelled SB19 'Pagtatag' concert in Singapore, showcasing their continued support.

After that, A’TIN Singapore and traveling A’TIN from more than seven countries took a field trip to a hawker center for dinner.

There was dancing, singing, and toasts to Singapore A’TIN. I posted some videos on my Instagram.

A'TIN fans gathered for a group dinner in Singapore, lighting up the night with Elesbi lightsticks, despite the cancellation of the SB19 Pagtatag Concert

Thailand’s Cancellation

Right when I landed in Bangkok two days later, I saw the news that ticketing was stopped for the Thailand concert, which was a sign that the concert was likely to be cancelled.

Spoiler: Fans from 17 countries traveled to Thailand for the concert! 🤯

The same night A’TIN Thailand admins hosted a dinner meetup for traveling A’TIN. I am so grateful to admins in each country and for all of their efforts.

A'TIN fans enjoying a group dinner in Bangkok, with a table full of smiles and camaraderie, following the cancellation of the SB19 Pagtatag concert.

Right after we went outside and A’TIN recorded GENTO dance challenge, budots version. At this point we assumed the concert would be cancelled, but spirits were still high. Here was our group photo:

A joyful assembly of A'TIN fans posing for a group photo in Bangkok, keeping the spirit alive despite the cancellation of SB19's Pagtatag concert

Soon after while I was with A’TIN Thailand admin, official cancellation news were announced. This would have been their first time seeing SB19.

So that night some of the admins and traveling A’TIN from Philippines and Singapore hung out until 4am, along with a stranger we met on the train whom we converted into our adopted A’TIN. 🤣

The following day traveling A’TIN continued to hang out and make the most it.

The Epic Cupsleeve

The day after A’TIN Thailand hosted the biggest international gathering I’ve ever seen for a Filipino group.

I walked around and gave out freebies at the cupsleeve, and talked to fans who traveled from all around the world.

A'TIN hosting a cupsleeve event at a venue in Bangkok, showing support for SB19 with customized beverage sleeves, despite the concert's cancellation

Here were the countries present in Bangkok for SB19, some whom I later met that night at the concert venue:

Thailand, Philippines, United States, France, Singapore, Italy, United Kingdom, Australia, Myanmar, Japan, Saudi, China, India, UAE, Germany, Qatar, and Vietnam.

Thai students were also present and had made SB19 a banner:

A beautifully crafted welcome banner by Thai students for the SB19 Pagtatag concert in Bangkok, featuring traditional Thai costumes and the band's imagery

The cupsleeve was beautiful and we sang SB19 songs and did the fan projects that admins had planned.

A'TIN hosting a cupsleeve event at a venue in Bangkok, showing support for SB19 with customized beverage sleeves, despite the concert's cancellation

After the event, we gathered outside and took a group photo. Amazing right?!

A large group of A'TIN posing with cupsleeves at a fan-organized event in Bangkok, celebrating SB19's music and connection despite concert cancellation

Back to Philippines: The Finale

I flew back to the Philippines. Around that time, the concert in Dubai was also cancelled.

Here were all of the freebies I accumulated from the concerts:

These freebies felt extra special knowing they were from the shared experience of the cancellations since we still had a good time.

And the freebies I gave out from the US and all of the Asia events:

Roseanne presenting a collection of SB19 concert freebies, including promotional photos and custom-made fan items, commemorating the tour.


I went back to Manila and hung out with A’TIN I met in Thailand at Alamat’s concert. During the concert, I had also found out about the SB19 concert in Japan cancellation, which I also bought tickets for (fortunately not flights, though I had rescheduled my initial Japan trip for this 😅).

The day after, we went to Havre de Grace Café, the cafe run by Pablo’s parents.

Life-size cutout of Pablo from SB19 displayed at the Havre de Grace Café in Cavite, Philippines, greeting visitors with a phone in hand and a welcoming wave.

Pampanga Fan Event

Back in Pampanga, I went to my last SB19-related event in Asia, an A’TIN gathering hosted by SB19 Philippines, who brings A’TIN fan events to different provinces throughout the Philippines for free. (A’TIN fandoms are incredibly passionate and organized!)

There were games and performances by A’TIN.

A'TIN fans at a vibrant fan event in San Fernando Pampanga, organized by SB19 Philippines, showcasing the community's dedication and excitement for the band

This was early December when SB19 were now able to use their name and right before the 2023 Asia Artist Awards and other announced events.

But, I decided to go back to California in time to get ready for holiday and family gatherings. (I actually got sick and missed Christmas. 😅)

Final Thoughts

To end this marupok adventure, I want to remember that despite the lows were so many special experiences that I hope my future 80-year-old self would not regret.

I’m excited for what’s to come for SB19 and A’TIN in 2024.

To every A’TIN I met in different countries, you made this all worth it! These were my funnest fangirl trips thanks to you, and it would have been different if I did it all alone.

I loved meeting and hanging out with all of you.

And to SB19, it’s been a pleasure being an A’TIN in this lifetime.

Thank you for the memories! See you and SB19 again.

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