Top BTS Tours in Seoul (2024 + All Year Round)

Visiting BTS locations in Korea is a must for ARMY visiting Seoul and other cities.

If you’re a big kpop fan like me, you’re looking to do kpop things during your visit.

Besides concerts and shopping for kpop albums, another kpop activity to do while in South Korea are kpop and BTS tours.

While you can visit BTS locations yourself 💯, with tours you get convenient transportation, an experienced local guide, and you get to go with other co-ARMY visiting South Korea too.

Here are 7 of the most popular BTS tours in Seoul and other cities to see BTS filming locations in South Korea. These BTS tours are available all year round.

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The image features life-size cardboard cutouts of seven male figures of BTS posed against an outdoor backdrop at OT7 Cafe in Pampanga, Philippines. They are each dressed in distinct casual attire, with notable brands like FILA visible, and exhibit a range of hairstyles and expressions. The cutouts are set up side by side, presenting a group dynamic.


#1 Pick
The image is a collage of four photographs likely related to a fan tour in Seoul, featuring significant locations for BTS fans. The top-left photo shows a stone monument amidst greenery. The top-right photo captures a storefront adorned with posters and cutouts of the BTS members. The bottom-left photo depicts a modern building with a signpost indicating a studio. Lastly, the bottom-right photo shows a wall heavily covered with handwritten fan messages and signatures, indicating it as a popular spot for leaving tributes.

BTS Fan ARMY Must Visit Day Tour

🏙 1k+ booked
🚌 Knowledgable guide & driver provided


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A modern two-story white building nestled against a backdrop of evergreen trees on a snowy landscape, with a black sign in front reading 'IN THE SOOP' for BTS Tour by Tripadvisor

In The Soop BTS in PyeongChang Tour

🏠 Most booked BTS tour
🚌 Roundtrip transportation

In The Soop BTS Ver in PyeongChang Filming Location

1k+ Reviews | Roundtrip transportation | BOOK IT HERE

Take a full-day group tour to the In The Soop BTS ver. ‘Pyeongchang’ filming location:

  • In The Soop Official Merchandise available
  • Lucky Draw Event
  • Experienced and knowledgable local guide
  • Visit other kpop sites after

This tour is also available on Klook with an optional VIP to the famous Hyangho Beach bench stop where the You Never Walk Alone album cover and the Spring Day MV were filmed. BOOK IT ON VIATOR | BOOK IT ON TRIPADVISOR

🚌 Check available dates for the In The Soop BTS Tour

BTS Fan ARMY Must Visit Day Tour from Seoul

1k+ booked | Knowledgable guide | BOOK IT HERE

This is the most popular BTS tour in Seoul.

You’ll visit:

  • Hyuga Cafe & Bakery (former BTS dorm)
  • Nodeul Island (filming location for 2021 Season’s Greetings)
  • Yongin Daejanggeum Park (where SUGA filmed Daechwita MV)
  • BTS’s old dorm and Big Hit Entertainment building

🚌 Check available dates for the BTS Fan ARMY Tour

Gangwon-do BTS Tour from Seoul (Beach locations)

Filming location of Butter Album Photoshoot | Private Tour | BOOK HERE

This tour takes you to Mengbang beach in Samcheok.

You’ll see:

  • Large BTS installation to take photos
  • Beach chairs featured in the Butter album photoshoot

🏖 Check available dates for the Gangwon-do BTS Tour

Must-visit BTS Destinations in Busan Tour

Visit 6 BTS locations | Guided Tour | BOOK IT HERE

Visit Jimin and Jungkook’s hometown of Busan with an experienced local & transportation.

You’ll go to:

  • Gamcheon Culture Village, a historic colorful village, where you’ll stop by the large Jimin and Jungkook mural
  • Busan Arts High School (Jimin’s old school)
  • Oryukdo Skywalk (Jimin’s photo point)
  • Gopchang Ssalong (operated by Jung Kook’s uncle)
  • Cafe Megnate (run by Jimin’s father)
  • Seodongmiro Market for snacks

🚎 Check available dates for the BTS Locations in Busan Tour

Private BTS Location Tour from Seoul City with Pickup

⭐️ 5.0 rating | Special BTS Seoul Locations | BOOK IT HERE

Locations visited in Seoul:

  • Laundry Pizza (Love Yourself album shooting location)
  • Seoul Forest (Jungkook and RM benches)
  • Iryeong Station (Spring Day MV filming location)
  • HYBE INSIGHT BTS museum at HYBE (optional)
  • BT21 store

🚌 Check available dates for the Private BTS Locations in Seoul Tour

Bangtan Boys Film Location Private Day Trip

⭐️ 5.0 rating | Private transportation | BOOK IT HERE

  • Iryeong Station (Spring Day MV filming location)
  • Hallyu K-Star Road (BTS bear)
  • Old Big Hit and BTS dorm locations

🚎 Check available dates for the Bangtan Boys Film Location Trip

ARMY Must Visit BTS Tour in Seoul

100+ booked | Friendly guide | BOOK IT HERE

You get a choice between a half day and full-day tour.

Visit various places in Seoul that BTS frequented, including:

  • Former BTS dorm
  • Old BTS hang out spots

Plus you get to hang out with other ARMY visiting Seoul.

🚌 Check available dates for the ARMY Must Visit BTS Tour in Seoul

I hope you enjoy your BTS tours in Seoul and visiting BTS locations in Korea, and live out your best ARMY life while in South Korea!

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