List of 130+ Vegan Festivals Around the World in 2024

Here are vegan festivals, vegfests, and vegan events happening around the world in 2024, when they usually occur, and links to their main pages.

Many of the vegan groups listed here also host separate vegan events throughout the year.

Vegan festivals are great to sample vegan eats from different cuisines, support local businesses, and meet other vegans.

(My favorite vegan festival experience? Flying to Thailand for the annual 10-day Thailand Vegetarian Festival 😋.)

NOTE: Many of the vegan festivals have not yet announced dates for 2024, and are marked by TBA.

*Always check the websites for updates and current dates for the vegan festivals and vegan events.

Post updated January 2024.

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United States

*Highlighting the larger vegan festivals, but generally you’ll find a vegan food festival and vegan event in each state.

Here’s a full list of vegan festivals in Los Angeles:

Vegan Earth Day Marches:


24-31 – Florida Woodstock Fruit Festival


10 – Orlando, Florida Vegan Block Party


12-16 – Anaheim Natural Products Expo West

22-24 – Los Angeles Vegan Street Fair


6 – Santa Cruz VegFest

13 – San Diego VegFest

20 – Phoenix Vegan Street Fair

20-21 – Seattle Planted Expo

27 – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Vegan Block Party


9-10 – Hollywood Vegan Women Summit

13-14 – Seattle VegFest

18 – Asbury Park Vegan Food Festival

18-19 – New York Vegan Street Fair


1 – Philadelphia Vegan Street Fair

8 – Philadelphia Vegan Jawn

9 – New England VegFest

15-16 – Atlanta Vegan Street Fair

22-23 – Portland Pride Vegan Night Market

29 – Indiana Vegan Street Fair


13 – Chicago Vegandale

20 – Minneapolis Vegan Street Fair

27-28 – Seattle Vegan Street Fair

27-28 – Colorado VegFest


10 – New York Black VegFest –

24-25 – Oakland Vegan Street Fair


11-12 – New York Plant Based World Expo

TBA, usually September – Costa Mesa, SoCal VegFest

TBA, usually September – New York Vegandale


5 – Austin Vegan Street Fair

19 – Los Angeles Vegandale

TBA, usually October – Dallas Vegandale

TBA, usually October – Las Vegas VegFest

TBA, usually October – San Francisco World VegFest


TBA, usually November – Las Vegas Vegan Street Fair

TBA, usually November – Miami Vegan Street Fair


TBA, usually December – Miami Vegandale

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March 23-24 2024. Toronto Planted Expo

June 1, 2024. Vancouver. Planted Expo Vancouver

June 7-9, 2024. Squamish Vegan Festival

August 17, 2023. Burlington VegFest

Dates to be announced for 2024

Here’s a full separate list of vegan festivals in Canada

South America


2024 TBA, Vegfest, usually December


December 5-8, 2024, Vegfest,

Costa Rica

2024 TBA,


2024 TBA, Vegan Fest


2024 TBA, VeganFest Mexico

2024 TBA Vegan Playa Festival, usually November



2024 TBA, Himalayan Vegan Festival


May 10-13, 2024. China Xiamen International Vegetarian Food Fair

May 17, 2024. Shanghai VeggieWorld

2024 TBA, Beijing, usually winter,

2024 TBA, China Vegan Summit, usually fall

Hong Kong

March 8-10, 2024. Vegetarian Food Asia 2024

2024 TBA, Hong Kong Vegfest, usually fall/winter


July 6-7, 2024. New Delhi Vegan India Conference

2024 TBA, Gurugram. Vegan Fest

2024 TBA, Ahmedabad. Satvik Vegan Festival, usually November

2024 TBA, Bangalore, Zero Fest India


May 1-4 2024. Bali Spirit Festival (more yoga-centric)

2024 TBA, Jakarta Vegan Festival, usually May,

2024 TBA, Ubud, Bali, usually September


April 14, 2024. Kyoto Vegan Gourmet Festival

April 21, 2024. Tokyo Vegan Gourmet Festival

May 12, 2024. Nagoya Vegan Gourmet Festival


2024 TBA, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia VegFest, usually March, hosted by


2024 TBA, Kathmandu, Himalayan Vegan Festival, usually September,


2024 TBA, Manila, Vegfest Pilipinas, usually November


2024 TBA, Earthfest Singapore, usually November

2024 TBA, Singapore Vegan Festival, usually August or September

South Korea

April 11-13, 2024. Korea Vegan Fair

2024 TBA, Vegan Festival Korea, usually October, but look out for other events,


2024 TBA, Taipei Veggie Fest, usually April

2024 TBA, Taipei International Vegetarian Health Fair, but look out for fall event

2024 TBA, Kaohsiung City Taiwan Vegan Festival, usually June


October 2-11, 2024. Annual vegetarian (jay) festival occurs throughout Thailand


January 12-14, 2024. Ho Chi Minh City, Vegan Food Festival


May 31- June 2. Capetown, Plant Powered Show

July 26-28. Johannesburg, Plant Powered Show

Ghana, 2024 TBA

2024 TBA, Capetown VegFest



March 23-24, 2024. Gosford, Alive Plantbased Festival, September 2023

April 6-7, 2024. Perth Vegan Expo

April 20-21, 2024. Melbourne Big Vegan Market

September 14-15, 2024. Brisbane Vegan Expo

2024 TBA, Adelaide Vegan Picnic festival, usually December

2025 is next one, Adelaide Vegan Palooza, every 2 years

2024 TBA, Tasmania VegFest, usually March

New Zealand

January 27, 2024. Christchurch Vegan Night Market

2024 TBA, Auckland Vegan Food Truck Festival, usually April

2024 TBA, Christchurch Vegan Camp, usually April,

2024 TBA, Christchurch Vegan Expo, usually October

2024 TBA, Whangarei Vegan Expo

Middle East


2024 TBA, Larnaca Vegan Fam Festival, 2024 TBA, usually September


2024 TBA, Tel Aviv Vegan Festival, usually June


2024 TBA, Istanbul Vegfest, usually September

2024 TBA, Didim Vegan Festival



February 24-25, 2024. Graz Vegan Planet Festival

November 16-17, 2024. Vienna Vegan Planet Festival


2024 TBA, Ghent, Vegan Summer Fest, usually August,,

2024 TBA, Brussels Vegan Street Festival, usually September,


2024 TBA, Sofia


2024 TBA, Zagreb, ZeGeVege Festival, usually September,

Czech Republic

March 16-24, 2024. Brno Vegan Fest

April 5, 2024. Náplavka, Veggie Náplavka


2024 TBA, Tallin Vegan Fair, usually October


January 26-26, 2024. Helsinki Vegemessut


2024 TBA, Lyon, Veggieworld

2024 TBA, Paris, Smmmile Vegan Pop Festival, usually July.,


March 9-10, 2024. VeggieWorld Munich

March 23-24, 2024. VeggieWorld Duesseldorf

September 28-29, 2024. VeggieWorld Karlsruhe

October 10-13, 2024. VeggieWorld Rhein Main

2024 TBA, Berlin, Veganes Sommerfest, usually June

2024 TBA, Hamburg, Veggieworld, usually October

2024 TBA, Munich, Veggieworld, usually November

2024 TBA, Fellbach, Veggienale & FairGoods Stuttgart, multiple dates


2024 TBA, Athens, Vegan Life Festival, usually September


2024 TBA, Budapest Vegan Food Festival

2024 TBA, Budapest, Vegan Weekend Market


April 21, 2024. Belfast, Irish Vegan Food Festival

2024 TBA, Cork Vegfest, usually April

2024 TBA, Dublin Vegfest, usually September


2024 TBA, Milan, MiVEG Vegan Festival, usually October,


2024 TBA, Vilnius Vegfest, usually November


May 25-26, 2024. Amsterdam Funky Vegan Festival


May 25-26, 2024. Oslo Vegetar Festival, May 2023


July 6, 2024. Scotland Vegan Food Festival

October 12, 2024. Glasgow Vegan Festival

2024 TBA, Edinburgh, Scottish Vegan Food Festival, usually April

More Scotland vegan events here:


2024 TBA, Bratislava Vegan Fest, usually April,


September 13-15, 2024. Catalonia, Vegan Fest Catalunya

2024 TBA, Alicante Vegan Fest, usually October


September 17-22, 2024. Zurich Vegan Food Festival

October 10-13, 2024. Aarau Vegan Festival

2024 TBA, Zurich Veggie World, usually March

United Kingdom

March 2, 2024. Leicester Vegan Festival

March 9, 2024. West Yorkshire Vegan Festival

March 30, 2024. Pudsey Vegan Festival

June 15, 2024. North Wales Vegan Food Festival

June 22-24, 2024. London Allergy & Free From Show

July 26-29, 2024. Oxfordshire Vegan Camp Out, July 2023

August 4, 2024. Cardiff, Welsh Vegan Food Festival

2024 TBA, Brighton Vegfest, usually April

2024 TBA, Manchester Northern Vegan Festival, usually November

More UK vegan events:

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