Best Philippines eSIM to Use in 2024: Airalo vs MobiMatter vs Nomad

I’ve been to the Philippines more than 18 times now, but only started using eSIMs for my trips.

I stay in the metropolitan areas, but mostly in the provinces, where signal can be weaker.

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I’ve used different eSIM packages with different companies, but I have yet to find a Philippines eSIM that doesn’t use the local providers Smart or Globe.

So when looking for an eSIM Philippines package, it will really just depend on your length of stay, what other countries you’re visiting, and budget.

Here’s my review of the Philippines eSIMs I chose after doing my own research.

Note that most eSIM providers only provide data, not texts and calls.

I rely on calls and texts for Philippines, so I still continue to buy physical sim cards on my backup phone.

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My Top 3 Picks: Best Philippines eSIM

#1 Top Pick
Nomad blue white logo


Nomad Philippines eSIM

✅ Cheapest eSIM packages

✅ Affordable top-up packages

✅ Use my code ROSE84NH for $3 USD off

#2 Pick
Airalo red pink yellow logo

Airalo Philippines eSIM

✅ Most well-known eSIM company

✅ Most-user friendly

✅ Timely data usage notifications

#3 Pick
MobiMatter blue white logo Indonesia eSIM

MobiMatter Philippines eSIM

✅ Regional eSIM bundle covers 14 countries

✅ Many eSIM bundles to choose from

My Picks for Best Philippines eSIMs for Travelers

1. Nomad: Cheapest Philippines eSIM

Screen Shot of Nomad eSIM Philippines plans including prices

Preview of Nomad’s Philippines eSIM plans:

  • 10 GB, 30 Days, $17
  • 1 GB, 7 Days, $4

I’ve used Nomad’s Philippines eSIMs a few times now, primarily for the cheaper price and affordable 1 GB top-ups.

Network signal and speed have been sufficient, though I don’t expect the best internet speeds in the Philippines (I know it’ll get better one day though!)

I especially like their mobile app to track data usage and it’s easy to top off data if I’m running out without buying another full eSIM package.

Nomad Philippines eSIM is my pick for cheapest Philippines eSIM.

📲 Use my Nomad code ROSE84NH for $3 USD off

2. Airalo: Most User-Friendly Philippines eSIM

Screenshot of Airalo Indonesia eSIM plans, 3 blue blocks of plan and cost information

Preview of Airalo’s Philippines eSIM plans:

  • 5 GB, 30 Days, $13
  • 1 GB, 7 Days, $4.50

Of all the eSIM providers I’ve used in the Philippines, Airalo doesn’t have the best value bundles, however, Airalo still win for cleanest and most user-friendly website and experience, adding to their rep as a reliable eSIM provider.

If you’re already signed up with Airalo and don’t want to experiment with other providers, Airalo is a solid choice too.

I also appreciate their timely email reminders if you’re data usage is running low.

Airalo Philippines eSIM is my pick for more user-friendly eSIM provider for the Philippines.

📲 Use my Airalo code ROSEAN3468 for $3 USD off your first purchase

Preview of MobiMatter’s Asia Regional eSIM plan:

  • 30 days, 20 GB, $42.99

Countries covered:

Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, China, Mongolia, Macau, Israel, and Hong Kong.

I’ve used MobiMatter’s regional eSIMs for other Asia countries, and the service was reliable.

Of the three eSIM Philippines companies mentioned here, MobiMatter provides the most options for regional eSIMs at cheaper prices.

Mobimatter’s Philippines eSIM is my top pick for regional eSIM.

Final Thoughts: Best Philippines eSIM

You can’t really go wrong with eSIMs in the Philippines, and your choice will depend on your trip: how long it is, what other countries you’re visiting, and the amount of data you’ll use.

Smart and Global network service can be slower than other Asia countries, so don’t expect super fast speeds with eSIMs here.

If you can, also purchase a local sim card which can cost $1-2 USD at stores in the Philippines.

Ultimately, if you’re in the Philippines for 10 or less days, I would go with Nomad’s 10-Day Philippines eSIM as it’s the cheapest.

Plus, you can save more using the referral codes below:

Have a great trip in the Philippines!

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