Guide to Visiting Huinnyeoul Culture Village by the Sea in Busan

Huinnyeoul Culture Village

Address: 1043 Yeongseon-dong 4(sa)-ga, Yeongdo-gu, Busan, South Korea

A yellow cafe on a walking path looking over a sea at Huinnyeoul Culture Village aka Hynyeoul Munhwa Maul in Busan

I’m really glad I visited Huinnyeoul Culture Village during my second visit to Busan.

It’s less popular than Gamcheon Culture Village, but a must-visit for its scenic coastal views and colorful cafes, murals, and local shops.

I’ll go over why you should visit, how to get to Huinnyeoul Culture Village, and things to do while there.

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Why Should You Visit Huinnyeoul Culture Village?

This image features a quaint alleyway with a vibrant turquoise wall on the left adorned with a whimsical mural of a girl blowing a dandelion. Traditional brickwork complements the scene on the right, leading to a cozy corner with potted plants and a yellow doorway, all under a clear sky. The mural wall also includes Korean text, likely indicating the name or type of the establishment, enhancing the local charm.

Huinnyeoul Culture Village, aka Hynyeoul Munhwa Maul has a significant historical background, originally established by refugees during the Korean War.

Over time, it evolved into a colorful seaside village, preserving its historical roots while showcasing local artwork and cultural heritage.

You’ll get incredible coastal views of the sea with established pathways you can walk along.

There’s also lots of cafes, restaurants, and nearby attractions you can visit while there.

It’s a must for a Busan Itinerary.

How to Get to Huinnyeoul Culture Village

In this image, a steep stairway cuts through a narrow alleyway, framed by the pastel walls of surrounding buildings. Street signs in Korean are mounted on the wall to the left, indicating directions and distances, while the right side features a contrasting white staircase with red accents leading to a residence. This scene captures the layered urban texture and compact living of a dense neighborhood.

Huinnyeoul Culture Village is located on Yeongdo Island where there is no subway station, but accessible by bus and taxi.

The buses stop at the top of the village, then you make your way down via the alleyways and staircases.

By Subway + Bus

The nearest subway station is Nampo Station. Take exit 6 and walk towards the bus stops.

Take buses 6, 7, or 9. From there it’s a 15-minute ride to Huinnyeoul Culture Village.

By Bus

There are a few buses going to Huinnyeoul Culture Village, depending on where you’re coming from.

Use Kakao Map or Naver Map for real-time bus schedules and walking directions. You can also use Google Maps, but just note that while Google Maps provides bus and walking routes for Seoul, it does not give just walking routes.

From Haundae Beach:

Take bus #1006 and get off at Huinnyeoul Culture Village. The bus ride takes about an hour, but you don’t have to transfer.

By Taxi

You can also hail a taxi to Huinnyeoul Culture Village. Uber works in Busan if you don’t have the Kakao Taxi app, or don’t want to hail a taxi.

Don’t rely on Uber however, as it’s not always widely-available in Busan, or sometimes it just takes a while to find one.

Huinnyeoul Culture Village vs Gamcheon Culture Village

Three flat white statues of people looking out at pastel-colored village at Gamcheon Culture Village
The photograph captures a serene riverside view of Huinnyeoul Culture Village with a striking yellow building featuring blue awnings on the right, adding a pop of color to an overcast day. In the distance, a bridge spans the wide river, connecting the urban skyline dotted with high-rises to the lush green hillside. The juxtaposition of nature and urban development is evident, offering a peaceful yet vibrant cityscape.

Huinnyeoul Culture Village and Gamcheon Culture Village are two distinct village communities located in Busan.

Both have colorful murals, shops, and cafes.

Both are located in southeastern Busan.

I recommend going to both if you already plan to go to either one since they’re both in the same part of Busan. (But if you only have time for one, I recommend going to Gamcheon Culture Village.)

Some differences:

Gamcheon Culture Village is larger and will take longer to walk around.

Gamcheon Culture Village is also more busier, and maybe the most popular place to visit in Busan.

Huinnyeoul Culture Village is located by the sea so you’ll get really great coastal views.

Whereas Gamcheon Culture Village has more shops and activities, Huinnyeoul Culture Village’s cafe culture is a bit better, plus you get water views.

Huinnyeoul Culture Village Map

Here’s the Huinnyeoul Culture Village map to help guide you. You’ll see it posted at different points inside the village. You can also save this photo to your phone.

This image shows a detailed illustrated map of Huinyeoul Culture Village, depicting various buildings, streets, and activities, with the ocean and boats at the forefront. The map includes Korean text, QR codes for additional information, and an English translation option, indicating its purpose to assist visitors in navigating and exploring the village.

Huinnyeoul Culture Village Tips

The image shows a series of wooden staircases descending a lush hillside toward a rocky shoreline. The railings, weathered yet sturdy, guide visitors down the multiple levels, offering scenic views of the water and stony beach below. The overcast sky suggests a serene, perhaps cool atmosphere, inviting a contemplative walk down to the shore.
  • The village is compact and pedestrian-friendly but with lots of narrow alleys and staircases. Be mindful of your steps and try not to go if it’s rainy.
  • There’s different entrance points and walkways that feel like a maze, but you can easily find your way back to the main walkway or down to the Jeoryeong Coastal Walk.
  • Take a photo of the Huinnyeoul Culture Village Map to refer back to.
  • Make sure to check hours for any cafes or restaurants you want to visit. They may close early.

What to Do at Huinnyeoul Culture Village

1. Visit the colorful murals and art installations.

2. Enjoy the many scenic viewpoints overlooking the sea.

The photograph captures a serene riverside view of Huinnyeoul Culture Village with a striking yellow building featuring blue awnings on the right, adding a pop of color to an overcast day. In the distance, a bridge spans the wide river, connecting the urban skyline dotted with high-rises to the lush green hillside. The juxtaposition of nature and urban development is evident, offering a peaceful yet vibrant cityscape.

3. Stop by a cafe at Huinnyeoul Culture Village.

A cozy corner of a café, highlighted by its vivid yellow railings and warm wooden sign that reads "Book & Coffee" in both Korean and English. An illustrated character with an umbrella adds a whimsical touch to the white wall, while the text "coffee, drink, dessert, & book" promises a welcoming retreat for relaxation and reading.

4. Visit a local shop and buy a souvenir.

This image shows a vibrant storefront overflowing with an assortment of plush toys, keychains, and cute accessories. The array of pastel-colored items and character merchandise creates a cheerful display against the green window frame, inviting passersby to browse and perhaps bring home a soft souvenir.

5. Explore the alleyways and staircases.

This image presents a lively urban scene with a couple walking past a vivid blue stairway adorned with white speckles and the name "Kim min song" written on it, suggesting a local artist's touch. The stairway leads to shops with visible signage, adding to the bustling street atmosphere. A contrast is created by the bright blue hue of the stairs against the muted colors of the surroundings, bringing a splash of color to the cityscape.

6. Walk the Rainbow Piano Stairs.

This image features a vibrant, rainbow-colored staircase ascending alongside a hill. Each step is painted a different hue, creating an inviting and cheerful pathway. Directional signs at the bottom suggest this is a well-visited spot, possibly leading to a scenic overlook or a point of interest within the community.

Nearby Attractions to Huinnyeoul Culture Village

Since you’ve made the trip to Huinnyeoul Culture Village, here are other Busan attractions to visit while in the area.

Huinyeoul Coastal Tunnel

The entrance to the Huinyeoul Coastal Tunnel is framed by a rock-cut arch, with the tunnel name displayed above in both Korean and English. The tunnel recedes into darkness, lined with lights that guide the way, inviting visitors to explore its length and the views it promises.
An artistic installation inside a cave-like setting, showcasing a luminous moon above an abstract representation of a bridge and various architectural forms. The ambient lighting accentuates the textures of the cave walls and the reflective surface below, creating a mystical atmosphere.

The Huinyeoul Coastal Tunnel is a short walking tunnel right next to the rainbow piano stairs and towards the end of Huinnyeoul Culture Village.

Once you go inside you’ll see different art installations and photo ops that are lit up. The exit will lead to more of the Jeoryeong Coastal Walk.

Jeoryeong Coastal Walk

View from a rocky walking path looking out into a sea on an overcast day at Jeoryeong Coastal Walk in Busan

The Jeoryeong Coastal Walk is right along the Huinnyeoul Culture Village with a long blue path. If you keep walking left of the village and through the tunnel, the walk has stunning views of the coast with well-maintained pathways winding along cliffs and beaches.

Watching the sunset here was especially beautiful and peaceful as it wasn’t crowded.

Yeongdo Haneul Observation Deck

If you keep walking past the Jeoryeong Coastal Walk, you’ll reach the Yeongdo Haneul Observation Deck. You’ll get panoramic views of Busan’s skyline and harbor from the top of the deck and walking paths.

Songdo Bay Station

A view of cable cars in the air over a path of oval stones in the middle of a sea at Songdo Bay Station in Busan

Songdo Bay Station is about a 20-minute bus ride away from Huinnyeoul Culture Village. Here you’ll find the popular skywalk.

While you do need to buy a Songdo Bay Station ticket to take the cable car, the actual Songdo skywalk viewing deck across the street is free. Right next door is also Songdo beach.

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