7 Vegan Filipino Cookbooks to Check Out (Yes, They Exist!)

A hand holds a freshly baked Pan de Manila pandesal filled with vegan ube ice cream, with a vibrant green shrubbery and a blurred outdoor setting in the background

I grew up in a big extended Filipino family, and I’m still the only vegan. But my relatives are always impressed whenever they see that traditional Filipino food can be made vegan.

Most Filipinos think that vegan Filipino food just isn’t impossible, and those interested in eating less meat can’t picture it.

That’s why vegan cookbooks are important.

Here are 7 vegan Filipino cookbooks to try, including where to buy them.

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And if you’re a vegan Filipino recipe maker who wants to publish a vegan Filipino cookbook, I hope you do! There’s always space and more people need to see that eating vegan while not losing the culture we grew up with is 100% possible.

1. “Filipino Vegan” by Astig Vegan

Paperback, 60+ recipes, 160 pages

If you’re in the Philippines, you can get this vegan Filipino cookbook at: Lazada, Shopee, and National Bookstores

Follow Astig Vegan on Instagram and check out her vegan Filipino recipes on her website.

2. “Ay Sus!: Whole Food Plant-Based Global Filipino Cuisine” by Cleodia Martinez

Paperback, $27 USD, 80+ recipes, 120 pages

If you’re in the Philippines, you can get this vegan Filipino cookbook at www.cleodiamartinez.com/aysusph

Follow Cleodia on Instagram.

3. “Plant Based Filipino Comfort Classics” by Reina Montenegro

eBook, 16 pages, $9.99

Reina is the owner of Chef Reina, a vegan Filipino restaurant in northern California. Follow Reina on Instagram.

4. “Vegan Filipino Food Recipe” Booklet by Food Empowerment Project

eBook, available in Tagalog

Suggested donation: $3.00 – $5.00

5. “Vegan Cookbook: Filipino Veganized ” by Ariya Netjoy

ebook, $3.38 USD

50 recipes, 158 pages

6. “Vegan Filipino Recipes” by Angel and Love Bargas

eBook, $3

68 pages

7. “Sustaining A Plant-Based Diet With Filipino Food” by E. Vargas Alberto

Paperback, $21.70

160 pages, 88 recipes

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