How to Get from Seoul to Gyeongju (with Photos & Costs)

Gyeongju is one of my favorite cities that I’ve visited in South Korea so far.

Thankfully, Gyeongju is quite easy to travel to from Seoul and other cities.

Here are the three main ways to get from Seoul to Gyeongju, including the one I recommend.

You can read my full guide to Gyeongju, including where to stay and what to do in Gyeongju with sample itineraries.

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How to Get from Seoul to Gyeongju

If you’re coming from Seoul, you can either take the high-speed KTX train, express bus, or by car.

While the train is fastest, an express bus is more convenient.

There are a few day tours that I’ll list below, though I recommend staying overnight to see the best of Gyeongju.

*Estimate costs. Prices may vary

By BusBy KTX Train
3.5 hours2.5 hours + taxi/bus
32,000 won ($24 USD)60,000 won ($45 USD)
Bus TicketsTrain Tickets / KTX Pass

Driving? 🚙 Rent a car in South Korea for as cheap as $28 USD a day

By Express Bus (Recommended)

📲 Book your express bus ticket to Gyeongju

3.5 hours | Price of Bus from Seoul to Gyeongju: 32,000 won ($24 USD)

Starting point: Seoul Express Bus Terminal

While the bus takes an hour longer than train, I recommend taking the express bus to get from Seoul to Gyeongju. The bus goes directly to downtown Gyeongju, where most of the Gyeongju attractions will be.

Plus, you get to experience of going to a rest stop in Korea.

If your trip is at less than a month away, you can buy a ticket from Klook.

How to Buy a Ticket at Seoul Express Bus Terminal

Gray Ticket Counter - Seoul Express Bus Terminal

It was really simple to buy a ticket in person the day of. You can buy from the ticket machine or counter.

Check online for the seat availability on but you can’t buy a ticket online unless you have a local Korea bank card. You can always go a few days earlier to buy a ticket in person.

Again, if your trip is at least a month later, you can book a ticket on Klook.


1. Take the subway to the Seoul Express Bus Terminal stop.

2. Walk towards exit 1 and follow the signs for Express Bus Terminal.

Blue Signs to Seoul Express Bus Terminal

3. Follow the signs for the Gyeongbu Line.

Inside Seoul Express Bus Terminal, a long white walkway with stores inside

4. Keep walking until you reach the ticket counter or machines. Note: Signboard schedules don’t appear in English. You’ll have to ask, look at the ticket kiosk, or look online for the schedule.

5. Buy a ticket at a ticket kiosk or ticket counter. The kiosk is easy to use and is available in English:

Ticket Kiosk of choosing destination option - Seoul Express Bus Terminal
  • Under destination, choose “G” and look for “Gyeongju”
  • Choose your departure time.
  • Select your seat.
  • Pay with cash or credit card.
Ticket Kiosk of choosing bus time option - Seoul Express Bus Terminal
Ticket Kiosk of choosing seat option - Seoul Express Bus Terminal

6. Wait for your bus.

  • You can wait inside across the ticket counter where there are lots of comfortable seats, or in the waiting rooms near the platform.
A white and yellow ticket on someone's lap

7. Head to your bus platform.

  • You ticket will show the platform number on the right.
  • Head outside to the platform and look for your platform number. The signboard will also say “Gyeongju.” In this case, it was platform 9.
Outside Seoul Express Bus Terminal, a line of white pillars and white charter buses waiting

9. On the Bus Ride from Seoul to Gyeongju

Inside an empty Express Bus with red and black elather seats Seoul to Gyeongju
Rest Stop for Seoul to Gyeongju Bus with blue stores
  • You load in your own luggage and scan your ticket.
  • Seatbelt is required. The drivers usually don’t speak English but will signal to use your seatbelt.
  • They stop once at a rest stop. It was around 15 minutes. It was announced in Korean, so either ask or just be extra mindful of the time.

📲 Check Klook if you can buy your bus ticket online

By KTX High-Speed Train

Seoul Station Train Schedule Board

2.5 hours | Price of Train from Seoul to Gyeongju: 60,000 won ($45 USD)

Starting point: Seoul Station

If you take the train, the train stops in Gyeongju Station (used to be called Singyeongju Station), but the train station is far from Gyeongju city center.

This is why I recommend taking the express bus to Gyeongju.

The correct Google address for the station is still listed as Singyeongju Station.

From the train station, you take an additional 15-30 minute bus or taxi to Gyeongju city center.

The train from Seoul to Gyeongju takes about 2.5 hours or less and will cost around 60,000 won ($45 USD).

🎫 You can prebook your train ticket to Gyeongju online.

📲 Traveling to multiple cities? Get a KTX Pass online

To travel from Seoul to Gyeongju by KTX, follow these steps:

Seoul Station Train Platform with a man and nun waiting
  1. Take the subway or bus to Seoul Station, which is the main railway station in Seoul.
  2. Purchase your train ticket to Gyeongju online, or in person at the station. If you’re traveling to multiple cities in Korea, you can also buy a KTX Pass online. Make sure to check the train schedule and ticket availability during peak travel seasons.
  3. Head to the platform and seat listed on your ticket.

Gyeongju (Singyeongju Station) to City Center

Once in Gyeongju (Singyeongju Station), either take taxi or bus to Gyeongju city center:

Taxi: Grab a taxi to your destination (either through Kakao T app or hail a taxi there. While not always available, Uber does work in South Korea.)

The taxi ride will take 15-20 minutes and may cost around $13 USD.

Bus: There are frequent buses outside the train station that will take you to the Gyeongju bus terminals in downtown Gyeongju. Look for buses 50, 70, or 700. Confirm on Kakao or Naver Maps.

The bus ride will take 30 minutes and cost around $2 USD.

By Car

🚙 You can rent a car in South Korea for as cheap as $28 USD a day

The driving distance from Seoul to Gyeongju is approximately 370 kilometers (230 miles), and the travel time by car will vary depending on traffic and what route you take.

On average, the drive takes around 3.5 hours.

Use Naver or Kakao Maps for directions. Do not use Google Maps, as it is not optimized for South Korea.

Check prices for car rentals in South Korea (pick up in Seoul).

By Group Tours to Gyeongju

There are a few tours from Seoul to Gyeongju where you can explore the highlights of Gyeongju, then return to Seoul on the same day.

The tours typically include transportation, a guide, and visits to key attractions.

They are a bit pricier, but if you like the convenience and ease of planned tours, here are some options:

1. Korail Day Trip to Gyeongju’s Unesco World Heritage Sites from Seoul

2. Gyeongju One Day Trip from Seoul & Optional Drop off in Busan

3. 2-Day Gyeongju Rail Tour from Seoul

How to Get from Gyeongju to Seoul

If you are heading back to Seoul from Gyeongju, you can take either the Express Bus or KTX train, similar to above.

By KTX Train

Again, if you take the train, you will have to take a bus or taxi to the Gyeongju (Singyeongju) KTX Station, then the KTX train to the Seoul Station, where you can take the subway.

The train from Gyeongju to Seoul takes about 2.5 hours or less and will cost around 60,000 won ($45 USD).

🎫 Prebook your train ticket back to Seoul online.

Two Bus Terminals in Gyeongju

📲 Check Klook for the express bus schedule and tickets

If taking the express bus, there are two bus stations in Gyeongju that are right next to each other:

  1. Gyeongju Intercity Bus Terminal
  2. Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal

The older bus station sells tickets that are slightly cheaper, but I recommend taking the bus from the Gyeongju Intercity Bus Terminal, the newer terminal.

To differentiate, this intercity bus terminal looks more modern, has a convenience store inside, and there will be self-service ticket kiosks near the entrance.

Outside a newer white Intercity Bus Terminal Gyeongju

The bus ticket from Gyeongju to Seoul costs around $25 USD and will take 3.5 hours.

It will stop at the Seoul Express Bus Terminal where you can take the subway.

Check the schedule on

If your trip is less than a month away, you can buy a bus ticket on Klook.

Otherwise, it is easy to buy a ticket in person at the bus terminal on the kiosks.

📲 Book your express bus ticket to/from Gyeongju

Best Way to Get from Seoul to Gyeongju

I recommend taking the express bus as it’s more convenient and direct to city center, but if you’ve never taken the KTX train South Korea, and want to experience it, you can also take the the train.

Whichever route you get to Gyeongju, I recommend staying at least one night or commute back to Seoul in the evening so that you can see the best of Gyeongju attractions. They look even more amazing at night.

You’ll see why in my Gyeongju travel guide post.

Enjoy your trip to Gyeongju!

Quick Links:

🚌 Book your express bus ticket to/from Gyeongju

🎫 Prebook your train ticket to Gyeongju online

🚊 Purchase a KTX Pass online for travel to multiple cities

🚙 Rent a car in South Korea for as cheap as $28 USD a day

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