Kpop Fan’s Guide to Visiting Idol Radio in Seoul

There’s tons of places to visit in Seoul for kpop fans. If you’re a kpop fan visiting Seoul, you’re probably looking up how to attend kpop music shows in Korea like I did.

Specifically, Idol Radio, a live radio show run by MBC and hosted by kpop idols. Thankfully, this one is easy to attend for foreigners.

Keep reading on how to get to Idol Radio and my tips for attending.

If you’re new to South Korea, read my travel guide to South Korea.

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Dozens of fans watching outside at night of Idol Radio at MBC garden Studio

Where is Idol Radio Hosted?

Idol Radio is located in the MBC Garden Studio in Digital Media City, a hub for entertainment media and digital technologies.

You are able to watch Idol Radio from outside. SBS’s kpop music program The Show is also located in Digital Media City.

Address: 267 Seongam-ro, Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Address in Korean: 서울 마포구 성암로 267

Who Are the Current Idol Radio Hosts?

Idol Radio’s current host for Season 4 is Sunwoo of The Boyz. Sunwoo has been hosting Idol Radio since February 2024.

Season 3 of Idol Radio was hosted by Ateez’s Hongjoong and Yunho.

I went to Idol Radio when Hyungwon and Joohoney of Monsta X were the hosts, but the tips here still apply!

Front of MBC Building for Idol Radio with a metal upside down teardrop statue

When is Idol Radio?

Idol Radio takes place on Monday and Wednesday nights.

What Time Does Idol Radio Start and End?

Idol Radio usually starts at 8 or 9pm.

Sometimes earlier depending on the guest’s schedule. Check Idol Radio’s Twitter page where they post a weekly schedule of the times and what kpop idols are guesting:

Generally, Idol Radio lasts 1 to 1:30 hours. If you’re commuting, don’t worry, there are late-night trains and buses.

Screenshot of Idol Radio schedule on Twitter

What Time Should You Line Up for Idol Radio?

For both times that I went to Idol Radio, I went an hour earlier and didn’t get a good spot at all.

To get a front spot, you probably have to wait a few hours earlier.

There are restaurants and convenience stores in the area, however, and fans hold spots in the line with items (so make sure to bring an extra jacket or item to claim your spot).

Cramped area with fans waiting for Idol Radio show

Can you Get a Good View of the Hosts and Guests?

Hyungwon and Joohoney of Monsta X sitting in Idol Radio station

I was maybe in the 5th row and didn’t really have a good view to be honest! Throughout the whole time I tip-toed.

That’s why fans (and media sites) bring ladders.

Honest Tips and What to Expect

  • The viewing space is small. Most likely you will be close and squished with other fans.
  • You can watch the show from two screen TVs. Though if you don’t understand Korean, it’s mostly just watching the screens and seeing the fan interactions with the idols, which was adorable too!
  • Throughout the show, the hosts and guests come to the window to say hi to fans.
  • I went in the summer so it was quite hot, even in the evening. Bring water if you can and don’t push it if you don’t feel comfortable. You can always watch and chill from the back.
Hyungwon and Joohoney waving at fans inside MBC Building after Idol Radio show

Can you Meet the Idols After?

Kpop fans running at night

There are two opportunities to catch up with the idols after the show is done. When in doubt, just follow the other fans like I did! 😜

  1. Outside of the MBC Building: To the right of MBC Garden Studio is the main MBC building with see-through windows where the idols walk through to leave the building. Fans will go against the windows to wave back to the idols. Note that most of the viewing spot is covered by some bushes, so you may be up against some bushes!

You might also be able to see the Idol Radio guests go through this building to get to Idol Radio.

Front of MBC Building for Idol Radio with a metal upside down teardrop statue
  1. When they leave in their cars: Right after they wave to the idols at the building, fans will run to the main street, where idols will drive by in their car and wave. Again, I was just following the fans. Though I didn’t run, I sped-walk. 😆 It’s a silly and fun experience to be a part of.
Black car leaving with idols and fans waving and taking photos

How to Get to Idol Radio:

Google Map of how to get to SBS Idol Radio in Seoul
By Subway

The closest train station to MBC Garden Studio is the Digital Media City station. Take exit 9. The walk through the subway station, then to MBC Garden Studio will take around 10-15 minutes.

  • Keep walking straight past cafes and buildings until you see Starbucks.
  • Right before Starbucks, turn left.
  • Keep walking until the first pathway entrance and turn right. It will be a large circle quad.
  • Go past the circle quad and you will see MBC Garden Studio.

Most likely, you’ll already see a line of fans and or ladders already set up by fans.

By Bus

Depending on where you’re coming from, there are a few buses that stop in Digital Radio City, including buses 470, 270, and 271. The MBC building will be a 5-minute walk away.

I recommend downloading the CityMapper app for your trip to Seoul. It’s in English and more user-friendly than Kakao Map or Naver Map. You can use Google Maps, but note that while Google Maps provides bus + walking routes for Seoul, it does not give just walking routes.

By Taxi

You can also hail a taxi to Digital Media City. Uber works in Seoul if you don’t have the Kakao Taxi app, or don’t want to hail a taxi.

Don’t rely on Uber however, as it’s not always widely-available in Seoul, or sometimes it just takes a while to find one. While it took a while, I did find an Uber taxi back to my hotel after around 10pm.

Final Thoughts – is Visiting Idol Radio Worth it?

All in all, if you’re a big fan of the Idol Radio hosts like Ateez and/or guests, MBC Idol Radio is a fun and interesting experience!

Digital Media City itself is a beautiful area with lots of art sculptures and buildings, and nice to visit. The first time I went, it was a bit uncomfortably squished.

The second time I went, I hung out in the back with a friend I made, since we just came from watching another event nearby. Still, I don’t regret it all!

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