Is Pandesal Vegan? (+ Where You Can Find Them)

A hand holds a freshly baked Pan de Manila pandesal filled with vegan ube ice cream, with a vibrant green shrubbery and a blurred outdoor setting in the background

Pandesal is a popular type of bread roll in the Philippines. It’s a staple in Filipino breakfast, and was one of my favorite things to eat growing up.

Pandesal is slightly sweeter and fluffier than the bread rolls in American households. You can dip pandesal in coffee or hot cocoa.

Is Pandesal Vegan?

Close-up of a hand holding a freshly baked Pan de Manila vegan pandesal, showing the soft, fluffy texture and golden brown crust, with more pandesal in the background placed in a blue bowl

No, the majority of pandesal you’ll find in stores and bakeries are not vegan, as it typically includes milk, butter, and/or eggs.

You can easily veganize pandesal, however, and if you ever visit the Philippines, the bakery chain Pan de Manila sells really good vegan pandesal.

What is Pandesal Made of?

Pandesal is made from flour, sugar, yeast, salt, water, oil, and optionally cow’s milk, butter, and eggs, with the dough shaped into rolls and typically coated in breadcrumbs.

What is Pandesal in English?

There is no direct translation of pandesal in English. But in Spanish, pandesal means “salted bread” although Filipino pandesal is only mildly salty and is more known for its slightly sweet, yeasty flavor and soft texture.

Where Do They Sell Vegan Pandesal?

Shelf display of Pan de Manila breads, featuring packaged Tasty, Low-Fat, and other assorted bread loaves with clear labels, in front of a signboard reading 'Spreads & Breads'

Again, if you go to most Filipino bakeries in America or in the Philippines, the pandesal is likely not vegan.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, try Sans and Wolves, a Filipino vegan bakery for variations of pandesal.

Vegan Options at Pan de Manila (Philippines)

An array of Pan de Manila vegan bakery items on a marble countertop, including strawberry vegan ice cream, cinnamon pandesal, coconut jam, and assorted freshly baked bread rolls, all labeled and ready for a delicious treat
A selection of Pan de Manila vegan products in a wicker basket, prominently featuring Ube Vegan Ice Cream with other flavors like Strawberry, and baked goods like Pan de Coco, all indicating a 100% dairy-free composition

If you ever visit the Philippines, specifically Luzon, stock up, because the bakery chain Pan de Manila offer a lot of accidentally vegan items including vegan pandesal that are so good and fluffy.

The vegan items at Pan de Manila include vegan pandesal, pan de coco bread (pandesal filled with brown sugar and coconut spread), sandwich bread loaves, cinnamon rolls, and their coco jam spread which is one of my favorite things to eat. It’s made from just coconut milk and brown sugar, but I could eat it all day.

They also sell vegan ice cream like ube ice cream that you can eat with your pandesal (it’s a thing).

If you want to try making vegan pandesal at home, here are some recipes online:

Vegan pandesal (filipino bread rolls)

Vegan Pandesal by Astig Vegan

Vegan Ube and Cheese Pandesal (Filipino Sweet Bread Rolls)

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