Vegan 7-Eleven Options in Thailand You Have to Try!

A well-stocked 7-Eleven shelf in Thailand displaying an array of vegan products including MEAT ZERO plant-based fish burgers, KC vegetarian sausages, and assorted vegan snacks. The shelves are organized with clear price tags and distinctive 'Vegan' labels for easy identification.

Of all the countries I’ve visited, Thailand has the most vegan-friendly 7-Elevens I’ve ever seen. I tried not to eat there too much so I could try others places, but I kept coming back.

The vegan 7-Eleven options in Thailand double or triple during the annual 10-day Thailand vegetarian festival in October, which I highly recommend going to at least once in this lifetime.

Plus the vegan options aren’t bland generic 7-Eleven food, but really good.

Here’s some of the vegan 7-Eleven food in Thailand you have try.

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How Do You Know If It’s Vegan?

There are a few ways to tell if an item is vegan:

1. It will have the red and yellow “jay” sign, which is the character or symbol used in Thailand to indicate something is vegan, or animal-free.

A yellow square with a sign in red that looks like L7 that represents vegan in Thailand

2. It will be labeled vegan (you can always double check the ingredients).

3. If it doesn’t have the jay symbol or vegan label, it can still be vegan. If the text is in Thai, use the Google Translate or Papago app to scan and translate the ingredient list to English.

Frozen Vegan Food at 7-Eleven in Thailand

I’ve never seen a 7-Eleven in Thailand that doesn’t have these vegan options. The freezer is usually right next to the cashier area. You can ask staff to heat it up for you.

Vegan Stir-Fried Basil With Rice

These cost around $1 USD and are well-seasoned. Though, it is quite spicy! There are other less spicy frozen vegan meals available.

Two EZYGO brand frozen vegan meals on a countertop, one featuring rice with vegetarian stir-fried basil leaf, and the other rice with vegetarian protein, both with clear nutritional information and 'Vegan' labels, available at 7-Eleven in Thailan

Vegan 7-Eleven Desserts in Thailand

Most Thai desserts are made with coconut milk, thankfully! I’ve tried these, and they’re pretty good.

Hand holding an EZY Sweet Sariem in Coconut Milk dessert cup, a vegan option at 7-Eleven Thailand. The cup's lid shows a colorful presentation of pink sariem strands in white coconut milk, with clear nutritional information and a 'Vegan' label.
Packaging of EZY Sweet Sweet Corn with young coconut in coconut milk, exclusively at 7-Eleven Thailand. The bright green and yellow package features delicious-looking sweet corn kernels and coconut pieces, promoting it as a tasty vegan dessert choice
Packaging of EZY Sweet Taro Balls with young coconut in coconut milk, available at 7-Eleven Thailand. The package shows a vibrant purple and white color theme with images of taro balls and coconut pieces, highlighting the product as a vegan dessert option

Refrigerated Vegan 7-Eleven Food in Thailand

These are the vegan food I often get at 7-Eleven either for a quick bite or snack. You can ask the cashier staff to heat it up for you (actually, they ask you by default if you want it microwaved).

Vegan Bao Buns

I’ve seen three versions so far with vegetable, vegan meat, and mushroom-based fillings. These are some of my favorite vegan 7-Eleven food to get.

They cost 30 bhat, or around 80 US cents.

A hand holding a pack of VgO vegan red curry-flavored bao buns with a clear 'Plant Based Diet' label, part of the vegan-friendly range at a 7-Eleven store in Thailand

Vegan Fish Sandwiches

These are more recent at 7-Elevens in Thailand. I could eat these every day (ok, that’d be a lot of plastic).

They cost 39 bhat, or about $1 USD.

A hand holding a MEAT ZERO plant-based fish burger package at 7-Eleven Thailand. Behind are other vegan meal options, including a stir-fried vegetarian protein with rice. The products boast green vegan labels and are part of a diverse plant-based selection

Vegan Triangle Kimbap

I’ve only recently seen these in October and November 2023. Also very good.

Shelf display of various vegan products at 7-Eleven Thailand, including triangle kimbap with seaweed wrapping, priced at 39.00 THB. The products are labeled with 'Vegan' tags, emphasizing their plant-based ingredients

Other Available Vegan 7-Eleven Food

These two ramen are usually available in 7-Eleven in Thailand, plus are really flavorful and not too spicy. They have the red and yellow jay symbol.

A hand holding a cup of vegan ramen from A&W, featuring a rich soup base and an assortment of vegetables. The cup, sold at 7-Eleven Thailand, is labeled with nutritional information and a 'Vegan' tag, ensuring it suits plant-based diets
A cup of A&W vegan ramen featuring a flavorful broth and topped with vegetables, available at 7-Eleven Thailand, with nutritional information on the label indicating a plant-based composition

You can also look for these dried vegan meat. I often add them to ramen and they’ll rehydrate.

Hong Hap brand's vegetarian fried chicken with chili paste, available at 7-Eleven in Thailand. The packaging features a deep green and orange design, with a prominent image of the spicy red vegetarian chicken dish, priced at 22.00 THB
Vegetarian fried pork packaging from Hong Hap, priced at 22.00 THB at 7-Eleven Thailand. The bag has a bold green and orange design and features an appetizing photo of the crispy, golden-brown vegan pork product, marked 'ready to eat'

Vegan Options During the Annual Vegetarian Festival

Vegan food in 7-eleven & supermarkets in Thailand vegetarian festival. #shorts

These vegan options are only available during the annual Thailand Vegetarian Festival, but just to show how they go all out during the month of October.

Savory Vegan Meals at 7-Eleven - Thailand Vegetarian Festival

I crave their vegan banana muffins often, which are the best I’ve ever eaten. They also have vegan bread rolls topped with creamed vegan butter that taste just like the Filipino bread ensaymada.

Sweet Vegan Breads at 7-Eleven - Thailand Vegetarian Festival
A hand holding a clear container of Actasoy Vegan Butter Sugar Buns from 7-Eleven Thailand, dusted with white sugar and presented with a bright yellow label confirming their vegan quality

Standard Vegan Options at 7-Eleven in Thailand:

Here’s a list of vegan food that’s available at most 7-elevens:

  • Plant milk
  • Potato chips
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Dried Fruit
  • Fruit
  • Seaweed snacks
  • lots more

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