Uber in Singapore for Travelers: Alternative and Costs Examples

I’ve traveled Singapore about 8 times now, but somehow I’ve still gotten lost at Changi Airport trying to get a taxi.

I remember going back and forth between floors looking for Uber, not knowing that Uber in Singapore was no longer running.

However, there are a few alternatives to Uber in Singapore.

Below are other taxi and rideshare options you can take at Changi airport and around Singapore, as well as examples of how much I paid for ride shares during my recent trips.

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Is There Uber in Singapore?

Jubilee Bridge Singapore, a long cement walkway over water

No, so don’t go looking for it like I did!

Uber ceased operations in Singapore, and in all of Southeast Asia in 2018.

They sold their ridesharing and food delivery operations to Grab. You can no longer use Uber in Southeast Asia.

Alternatives to Uber in Singapore

Here are some alternatives to Uber in Singapore:

Grab in Singapore

Grab is the most popular ridesharing and food delivery app in Southeast Asia. Grab offers GrabCar, GrabTaxi, and GrabShare.

You can easily book through the Grab app at Changi Airport. I recommend downloading it before you fly to Singapore.

Gojek in Singapore

Gojek is another popular ridesharing app in Singapore. It provides similar services, such as transportation, food delivery, but also courier services.

Gojek is often cheaper than Grab and is also used in other Southeast Asian countries.

Ryde in Singapore

Ryde is similar to other ridesharing apps including carpooling and delivery services. What makes Ryde different is that also offer a monthly subscription with benefits like cashback and priority matching.

There is also Zig and Tada available in Singapore, but I am not too familiar with them and they’re used mostly by locals.

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Best Rideshare App in Singapore for Travelers

My vote goes to Grab for best rideshare app in Singapore. Here’s why:

  • Grab is more established in Southeast Asia with designated pick-up points at airports, including Changi airport.
  • While Grab can be more expensive than Gojek, it still offers a larger number of drivers and greater availability of rides, especially during peak hours. This makes Grab a more reliable option when you need transportation.
  • Grab is more established with local restaurants when it comes to food delivery service.
  • In general, Grab is more reputable for safe and reliable rides.
  • If you’re already traveling to other Asia countries, you’re probably used to the Grab app user experience and don’t have to download and switch between apps.

Where is Grab at Changi Airport?

Arrivals at Terminal 1 Changi Airport Singapore with two people waiting outside

Terminal 1

At Terminal 1 Jewel Airport, there are two pick up spots. You’ll likely use the first one listed after arriving in Singapore:

  • T1 Door 3, Basement 1 Pick-up, T1 Arrivals, Changi Airport
  • Jewel Level 2 Pick-up Bay 8, Jewel Changi Airport

Terminal 2

Door 6, L1 Pick-up, T2 Arrivals, Changi Airport

Terminal 3

Door 2, B1 Pick-up, T3 Arrivals, Changi Airport

Terminal 4

Door 2, L1 Pick-up, T4 Arrivals, Changi Airport

You’ll find plenty of signs directing you to the pick-up area for designated rideshare apps. You can also check Grab’s website for specific directions.

You can pay with cash, but I recommend linking a credit or debit card to your Grab account before flying to Singapore.

Do You Need a Sim Card to Use Grab in Singapore?

No, you do not need a local sim card with calls and texts. I used either my eSIM in Singapore or the airport WiFi to book Grab rides at Changi Airport.

Outside of the airport, you will need internet, either through your eSIM data or from a nearby WiFi hotspot.

Cost of Grab Taxi in Singapore

Below are some of my Grab costs from my recent trips to/from Changi Airport and within Singapore.

While I mostly took public transit to get around Singapore, I took Grab taxi when I was out late at night.

These are for basic 4-seater GrabCar rides.

Screenshot of Grab cost, alternative to Uber in Singapore, Changi Airport

Grab Price to/from Changi Airport

  • Bugis to Changi Airport (Friday 10am, 22 minutes): 20 SGD, or $15 USD
  • Bugis to Changi Airport (Monday, 9pm, 25 minutes): 22.80 SGD, or $17 USD
  • Changi Airport to Rochor (Monday, 9am, 20 minutes): 21.90 SGD, or $16.50 USD

Late-night Grab in Singapore

  • Marina Bay Sands to Rochor (Monday, midnight, 12 minutes): 9 SGD, or $6.75 USD
  • Raffles Quay to Bugis (Wednesday, midnight, 14 minutes) 16.70 SGD, $13 USD

Final Thoughts: Best Rideshare and Alternative to Uber in Singapore

I use Uber quite a bit in the US, and sometimes use Uber in South Korea and Australia if I’m not using other local rideshare apps.

I was sad to see Uber in Singapore go, but as a solo female traveler, I’m thankful for reliable and generally safe rideshare apps like Grab that I can use in different countries.

It makes travels much easier, especially lugging around suitcases.

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