Kpop Fan’s Guide to Attending The Show in Seoul

There are tons of things to do in Seoul for kpop fans and kpop tours. One of them is to attend a music show in Korea.

The Show, a music program run by SBS MTV, was one of my top kpop experiences in Seoul.

⚠️ Tickets for The Show do sell out fast. Reserve a spot before they’re gone

Kpop shows and fan meetings in Seoul are notorious for being difficult for foreigners to get into or buy tickets.

Thankfully, SBS MTV The Show makes it easy to attend for tourists.

Keep reading on how to attend The Show, my review, how to get a ticket, and what to expect.

If you’re new to South Korea, read my travel guide to South Korea.

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Where is SBS MTV The Show hosted?

SBS Prism Tower
Address: 82, Sangamsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

The Show is located inside the SBS Prism Tower in Digital Media City, a hub for entertainment media and digital technologies.

Idol Radio, which is a kpop radio show hosted by idols, is also located in Digital Media City at the MBC Garden Studio and is another place kpop fans can visit while in Seoul. Read my Idol Radio guide.

The Show in Seoul stage set up with fans waiting

When is the SBS MTV The Show Schedule?

SBS The Show takes place every Tuesday in the afternoon.

You have to line up by 5pm, but the program doesn’t officially start until 6pm. Note that cancellations can happen.

How to Attend The Show in Seoul

There are two places you can buy tickets to attend The Show in Seoul. These tickets are strictly for foreigners only.

Sample booking for The Show on KoreaTravelEasy website

1. Korea Travel Easy

I booked a The Show ticket through Korea Travel Easy and both times a ticket cost $84 USD (they’ve increased to $110 now). On their website you choose the date you want to attend and the number of people you’re booking for.

You can’t book a date that’s farther than a month on Korea Travel Easy (on Trazy you can).

If you’re not able to click on the date you’re looking for, that means it’s sold out. You can always check again later in case seats opened up, or book instead on:


The Show tickets on Trazy are slightly cheaper at $102 USD and you can book for dates that are months ahead.

Dates for Trazy do sell out faster! Book your ticket today so you don’t regret it later in case it sells out.

The only difference I’ve noticed between Korea Travel Easy and Trazy is that Korea Travel Easy attendants are let in before Trazy attendants. I could be wrong, but I think Korea Travel Easy also is the only one that hands out The Show hand fans to wave.

Both Trazy and Korea Travel Easy will send your ticket or confirmation voucher via email. You can also try looking for other music shows in Korea and kpop tours on Trazy and Korea Travel Easy.

The Show hand picket sign in front of SBS Prism Building in Seoul

Current Hosts of The Show

The current hosts of The Show (as of March 2024) are WayV’s/NCT’s Xiaojun, UNIS’ Nana, and Cravity’s Hyeongjun.

🎫 Reserve your spot for The Show before they sell out

What to Expect:

You’re told to meet at SBS Prism Tower at 4:30pm. For Korea Travel Easy, at least, the email says to meet at The Coffee Bean.

For both times that I attended, Coffee Bean was not the meeting spot and there were a lot of confused people waiting. The organizers will not be there, but near the entrance near the sidewalk by the poles.

They’ll be holding binders and a small sign. Go up to them and ask if they’re from Korea Travel Easy or Trazy.

Line Up System for The Show

Kpop Fans waiting in lines for The Show in Seoul

Once you show the organizers your name and voucher, they’ll give you a pre-assigned number. I believe the number they give you is based on the time you purchased the ticket.

Your number won’t be by the time you arrive. They tell you to come back at 4:50pm to line up according to your number. Then you wait for the non-foreigner fanclub lines to go inside, then the Korea Travel Easy line, then the Trazy line.

You walk up a set of stairs then into SBS MTV The Show studio, where you’re escorted to go down the rows of seats. It’s actually quite exciting and surreal!

Where Do you Sit at The Show?

Foreigners sit in the back rows. Fanclub fans who are not on the floor seating sit in the front rows. Still, the venue is quite small, and the view is great wherever you sit!

The hosts wave and interact with the fans in the seats when they’re not recording.

Can I Take Photos at The Show?

Pictures are strictly prohibited. (Okay, I know I snuck in a photo, but I was a ninja and 1000% careful. Definitely DO NOT even try taking a photo during a performance.)

They watch you like a hawk before, after, and throughout the show. I remember seeing one of the fanclub fans get kicked out for taking a photo.

The Show business card reading No Photos Allowed - SBS Prism Tower - Seoul, South Korea

How Do You Know Who’s Performing for The Show?

You won’t know The Show lineup until the day of or before. If your favorite kpop group is having a comeback, it’s possible they might perform the week after their comeback.

It’s difficult to tell until a schedule is posted. I find the schedule on this Twitter page.

Tiwtter Screenshot of sample lineup of The Show

Still, not all groups scheduled for that date will be there. Some groups record in the morning and don’t stay for the live broadcast of The Show.

Their pre-recorded part is played during their “live” slot. Even if they come back, they may only perform a short 30-seconds.

Most groups in general though perform their whole song. At the end, the groups present will come together and a winner is announced, and the winner does an encore performance.

The last time I went, Ateez won and we got to see their performance and encore.

What Time Should I Line Up for The Show?

I would get there at the assigned time at 4:30pm. The cut off is 5pm.

Getting there earlier doesn’t mean you’ll get a better spot since you’re given pre-assigned numbers.

Can You Meet the Idols After The Show?

Hyungwon and Joohoney waving at fans inside MBC Building after Idol Radio show

I’ve only waited for the idols when I attended Idol Radio, so I can’t speak for this! But I’ve heard it’s possible!

How Long is The Show?

The email says the actual program will take place from 6pm to 8pm. While it does start at 6pm, the show lasted only about an hour each time I went.

Remember you can’t leave then come back inside once you enter the building, so make sure to use a nearby restroom beforehand.

How Many Kpop Groups Perform?

For the two times I went, around 12 groups performed. Generally they perform 1 song each.

⚠️ Tickets for The Show sell out fast! Reserve a spot before they’re gone!

How to Get to The Show in Seoul

Google Map screenshot of how to get to The Show in Seoul
By Subway

The closest train station to the SBS Prism Studio is the Digital Media City station. Take exit 9. The walk through the station, then to SBS Prism Studio will take around 10-15 minutes. The email says it’s a 2-minute walk from exit 9, it’s not.

  • Keep walking straight past cafes and buildings, then past a big park.
  • Right after the park, turn left. The SBS Prism Tower will be on the corner once you turn into the wide walkway.
  • There will be fans waiting or lined up.
By Bus

Depending on where you’re coming from, there are a few buses that stop at Digital Radio City, including buses 470, 270, and 271. The SBS Prism Tower will be a 5-minute walk away.

I recommend downloading the CityMapper app for your trip to Seoul. It’s in English and more user-friendly than Kakao Map or Naver Map. You can use Google Maps, but note that while Google Maps provides bus + walking routes for Seoul, it does not give just walking routes.

By Taxi

You can also hail a taxi to Digital Media City. Uber works in Seoul if you don’t have the Kakao Taxi app, or don’t want to hail a taxi.

Don’t rely on Uber however, as it’s not always widely-available in Seoul, or sometimes it just takes a while to find one.

Review and Final Thoughts: is The Show in Seoul Worth it?

While I was in Seoul I went to kpop concerts, musicals, and attended The Show and Idol Radio twice.

The Show for me was worth it, even though it cost a bit.

You get to see a lot of kpop groups, and you get a good view wherever you sit. You also see the behind-the-scenes of the filming of the show, including all the camera crew.

Some news media writes even sit in the crowd to take pictures while they work on their articles in real time. It was interesting to see!

Digital Media City itself is a beautiful area with lots of art sculptures and buildings, which makes the visit even better.

I highly recommend attending The Show for kpop fans!

🎟 Buy a ticket to The Show or see which dates are available

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